How's everyone?!! I have been a bit MIA around here because of a trip I had to make which was work related so I had to switch off from Hair Guru Mode :) but now I am back to share with you all my bentonite clay hair treat this past weekend.

So I first heard about bentonite clay from Natural Nigerian's blog then I did further research and found its major benefit is cleansing the scalp from residue and fungus that accumulate on it, it contains magnesium, potassium and silica which all help to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate dull and brittle looking hair and skin. Basically it serves as a natural alternative to shampoo. So in my quest to go au naturale hair product wise, I decided to purchase a bag of this clay at the last meet up.

To apply it on my hair, I read that it could be mixed with anything from water to apple cider vinegar so I decided to go full throttle! I poured out a little amount of the clay in a plastic bowl(I read that you have to avoid metallic bowls or utensils when mixing this clay for whatever reason I am not sure I think it might react to the silica metallic components in the clay- I no be Chemist!)

Then I added a whole egg;

Then some natural honey;

Then some hair conditioner and water(it was too thick);

Nobody warned me that this clay SWELLS!! By the time I was done adding all the orishirishi I could barely stir it. Next time I might use a blender to make a smooth puree...

I proceeded to apply the lumpy mix on my sectioned hair from root to tip like I do for all treatments;

I waited around just for about 30 minutes because.........I WAS SCARED!! This clay actually tightens your scalp pores, so I felt this uncomfortable tightening with a slight itch especially around my hairline and I just freaked out, I was not about to risk clumps of hair falling out because of a weekend treat gone south!! So I washed it out sharp sharp and what I noticed as I washed it out was kinda weird!! My hair did not seem too different but the skin on my hands felt supple and softer I tell ya!! I was like hmmm, niceeeee!!

I proceeded to air dry my hair and then straightened my hair out (my last use of heat this month) using my shea butter mixes from the meet up and TREsemme's heat protectant, my hair was reporting;

All in all, a good experience, since the clay is a natural shampoo I skipped shampooing with black soap and just rinsed out and since I put conditioner in the mix, I skipped conditioning so it shortened the process and its Tuesday and my hair is still clean! I have hardly had to itch my scalp so I know this clay works but I will not be using it regularly but only when I have build up and my scalp needs a real good clean, maybe once a month. So for those with really itchy scalps or major build up thanks to all the hair butters being applied, try a Bentionte Clay Mix, I will also use it for my skin!! 

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  1. love, love, absolutely love your blog!! being taking notes and applying them. will have updates for you soon. where in Lagos can i purchase the bentonite clay??

  2. Thanks a lot Folake, looking forward to your updates, I bought my bentonite clay from a blogger called natural Nigerian, check her out from my blog list :)

  3. I've just placed my order. Thank you!!

  4. Enjoyed reading ur blog, will come weekly for tips. Had lovely hair years ago but then got carelss with too much braiding then went natural , then went back to relaxed hair, then got a rihanna type haircut,. What can I say except that my hair is a shadow of itself. My hair was natural for like three years n bad relaxer after that ruined it... Not sure I what to go natural again but I def want to have nicer hair. I will be listening n hoping ur advice restores my hair to its former glory.

    1. It will, just get in the program, so many tips here to get you a regimen that will work for your hair :)

  5. Dabs , I am very very impressed. I have learnt so much since I stumbled on your yesterday. I feel so guilty because I have been careless about my hair and never really paid attention to the relaxers, shampoos or conditioner I use. I am definitely changing that right now. I noticed that my hair turned out very beautiful when I went to a JCPenny salon in Virginia, USA. I often wondered why I never got that same effect in Nigeria. Apparently, I haven't been using the right combination of products. Thanks a million for all the info.

  6. absolutely amazing. definitely gonna try this soon. love your blog.
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