Dab's File- Visit to Tendrils &Curls, Olaplex, Post partum shedding and Getting Skintimate!!

As promised, I'm back with my Sunday post even though where I am at it's barely ten minutes to go before Monday, at least I kept my promise :)

Anyways,  I went to the hair shop I talked about...yay!! Whipped out google maps and found my way there-

To my dismay, the one product that took me there i.e The caramel hair treatment by Etae (thank Instagram for feeding my product junkie appetite) was out of stock!! So I just looked through the shelves....

I fell in love with the salon space!! Clean. White. Crisp!! 

Salon goals right there if my staff will let me be great...speaking of staff...the receptionist at Tendrils was so well put together, look at her hairstyle...

One look at her and you will know she works in the hair industry or at least cares for her hair!

We got talking and I asked her about her colored hair, wanted to know how she maintains it and then she pointed to Olaplex...she said it's a three step treatment used to protect from breakage after chemical processes, she said she colors her hair and has been doing so for ages but thanks to the Olaplex treatment it stays healthy....the step three which was right there was the home care treatment to be used once a week, you know I was not about to walk out of that store without Olaplex after hearing such a review from someone with full gorgeous hair who has been natural for nine years and works at a natural hair care company?!! Dropped the Camille rose coconut water moisturizer I was settling for and swapped with Olaplex, got home, went online to read reviews and was pleased to see people giving this stuff five stars, saying all these wonderful things...

I'll give it till my next touch up and the verdict will be in about whether a or not this stuff works because...1. I have never spent $31 on just one product ever-she called the price after selling me the dream Kai!! 2. My hair is SHEDDING- POST PARTUM shedding!!!(yes I am screaming!!) so I need all the help I can get!

If you have been pregnant you can relate to how uneasy it is to see long strands of your hair falling off and leaving with your comb after baby came...since it's my third time around I'm trying to stay calm and just stick to my regimen- help me Lord....but hey the hair you will be loosing is LONG and from the roots not short broken hair....that my friend is not pregnancy or post partum's fault!!

Finally, let's Get Skintimate, courtesy my Sister Mina's new blog....loving her first post Titled Give your skin some TLC this Valentine's Day....read, enjoy and if you need help in the skin care dept....my Sister Doc is dedicating time from her busy schedule to share skin care tips so follow the blog....here's an excerpt.....

Good ol’ valentine season is here guys! I’m uber excited about the amount of love that’s in the air right now! Some of us are thinking of what to get ‘le beaux’ come tomorrow, or what great surprise might be an upgrade from last year’s day of luurv…ah the memories! Anyways, notice the word some…to the single and searching peeps out there, wondering and waiting for when  they too will have that special someone, fret not. Thank God for Instagram DMs, Facebook PMs and Twitter feeds! No dulling oo! This is the time to connect with other singletons, get to know someone you fancy,bond over a netflix and chill or two; who knows, come next year and you just might be in the ‘le beaux’ league too!
Anyways, before I go all the way off, my point was, there is no better someone to give some TLC this season than YOURSELF! And by that I mean Your skin… guess what? when You show your skin some love, it will love you right back, somebody say G-L-O-W-I-N-G!
Here are some of my TLC tips for skin this season;
T is for…TOTAL body care
Have you ever heard of the phrase “fanta face, coke body“? or have you ever seen a babe with a really cute face but ashy joints? i know i have! Lets keep it real guys, it is never a good look to concentrate skincare on one part of the body especially because…it shows!!

Till next time thanks as always for stopping by!



  1. Dabs, the kind of post partum shedding I'm having eh. Thank God I still have a few strands on my head remaining. Also I'm interested in dying my hair and maintaining it the healthy way. If you offer those services courtesy this post and this product you just bought, biko just let me know and I go show for your door mouth straight. Seriously intetested. thanks .Solum

    1. I'll see how good this product works and will take it from there :)

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  3. Have you tried tea rinses for post partum shedding?


    1. Yes I have, Infact I'm getting one done at my salon this weekend....x

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