Dab's File-Did they chase all my customers away?

As per usual post schedule I'm back with another post!! I'm also back in naija for those that follow me on Instagram  you know this because on Friday, I showed up unannounced and snuck up on my staff and recorded them  welcoming me like a stranger because I had a blonde wig on....They were taking two appointments, one I was aware of, thanks so much for the continued patronage Asma'u, the other was a referral ironically from another salon. I also met the new intern training with us in full traditional regalia like she was going for a wedding and was wearing their aseobi...where is your uniform I asked,  my manager proceeded to tell me that the lady said she was too hot to wear the uniform over her 'aseobi'....hmmmm duhhh!! and that she didn't bring trousers to pair with the uniform....my manager who I was addressing had her baby snug on her back with a wrapper....this is after clear instructions to find a day care ASAP just before I left and in the interim have a baby mobile at the spare room of the salon for the baby to stay instead of on the salon floor....

To the average stylist, this type of behavior is absolutely normal, 'Afterall the customer came to do hair not to look at what I'm wearing'...but you my customers, I know you expect what I expect and that is professionalism at its highest standard...therein lies my battle...Leaving my salon in the care of these ladies for two months I was away was honestly one of the hardest decisions I had to make before I left,  the most I had left them for was two weeks in the past and every day at all times I was calling and keeping tabs....this time with two active boys and a new born on the way things would be a lot different, on several occasions I considered closing down till I returned but then this would be the ultimate test,a business that cannot run on it's own without the owner there all the time cannot thrive and be successful, so with all the social media,BBM, whatsapp links set up for easy communication with my staff, I set off on my journey.

One month in, there were different hiccups here and there that I know would have been handled better with me around, the figures were showing that we were slacking, we weren't hearing as much from our loyal clients and I was discouraged....maybe I should have gone with my gut feeling and closed down the hub till my return...by month two I was hatching various plans, sent a few spies(close pals) to check on the hub and the impression I was left with was 'They are just getting by'.

As I'm very passionate about Haircare/natural beauty remedies as a whole that my ideas consume me sometimes and get me giddy with excitement, I refuse to be discouraged, I've had over two months to brood, re-strategize and reprogram and it's about to go down!! After the meeting with my staff, I can already tell who will survive and who needs to exit and I'm watching closely because whether they like it or not, we are getting all the customers they chased BACK?!!

Have you come by the hub and left less than satisfied? Ever? Please give us one more shot in the coming months, you can trust I'm pulling out all the stops, our gen situation has been fixed so no more heat moving forward(palm in face), that bathroom we converted to a shampoo room is getting a complete overhaul this week(other palm in face),the menu has been redone and will be visible for customers to read and enjoy, we are expanding our treatment offerings at the hair steam bar- think coffee grinds and fresh fruits...and I'm introducing a spanking new service area to the hub in the way of a natural nails and feet spa(now this I'm super excited about)....After I am done at the hub I know you who dumped us will reconsider...truth is my customer base is largely from here...didn't grow up or school in Lagos, I'm no social butterfly who knows this or that person with social clout, my target is not celebrities even though they are always welcome, you my readers who began this journey with me, who preach this Naija Hair Can Grow message will always be my target and it is my humble plea that you come back to us and we will surely treat you right...so what you say?!!

Please follow us on Facebook/Instagram @savvychichairbeautyhub, Twitter- @hairbeautyhub to keep tabs with all that we have to offer...Right now we are giving out 50% discounts to loyal customers who refer a friend to the hub...redeemable after the friend's visit and we have a very actively rewarding loyalty program that some of you will attest to and have benefitted from. 

Still on topic, business owners out there, any ideas on how I can keep my staff constantly motivated? So they buy into my vision...(they are skillful and I don't have a problem with them when it's time to gist or share chops, I have a great rapport with them but it's the professionalism that is largely lacking) please share any tips below.

For you thinking nawah oh, see how Dabs dey plead! LOL, well my sister there is no pride in business oh and I'm not too big to admit flaws...most importantly, I'm committed to fixing them.

Have a blessed week...

Thanks for stopping by,