Dab's File- Come Hair Products shopping and sight seeing with me!

Hows's everyone doing!  Hope well...I'm starting a new segment on the blog that will be an outlet for me to share topics of interest, life, family etc. calling it Dab's File and it will consist of a post every Sunday in either text form, video form or pictorial....let's face it, after about six years of blogging about one topic(Hair care) a girl is bound to run out of core topics but I'm not done with this blog just yet so I'll keep blogging in general in the mean time...

So let's get right to it, been here in the US for months now and in that time I've been doing what I love best, shopping!! As regards hair products, I have done minimal actual shopping but quite a bit of window shopping so let's begins shall we...

First thing I noticed was the multiple additions Shea Moisture has made to their line of products, those people are unstoppable!! It's like they have a team that sits down and discusses ALL the possible issues concerning the hair and skin(they have a body line and kids line too) and these people just keep churning out  products to cater to these issues....Anyways I spotted their new Porosity line;

Blue for high porosity hair;

Orange for low porosity hair;

Then there's the Age defying and color protect line-

The weightless. Shampoo and rinse line-

The manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration shampoo/ conditioner-

They have an entire professionals line with hair masques,  shampoos,conditioners, oils.

Essential oils-  (love the packaging) 

Finally Hair Color/Dye-

Their attention to detail is really impressive and I wish I could buy everything but I can't keep up, so I picked up the Low porosity detangler-

It actually does a great job, full review coming up.

The next products I had my sights on though I ended up not purchasing this time around is the TGIN line, TGIN stands for Thank God I'm Natural and their honey. miracle Mask is the Truth, well that's what reviews say....it's  definitely on my wish list-

Camille Rose is another highly loved brand on Instagram,naturals love the definition their almond twisting butter gives, personally I don't think I'll try it but for those wanting to take their twist outs to the next level, this line is one to consider...

Aside from the regular islanders that have been making Jamaican Castor oil, other companies have joined the game, Proclaim now has black Jamaican oil;

And Shea moisture too...the reason why I like Americans, they don't slack when it comes to giving consumers options, love the capitalism!!

Another product line I discovered which was also all the rage is the Alikay Naturals line, one word for their Lemongrass leave in I bought? DIVINE!! If you can get your hands on it, please do!! Stay tuned for full review...

A trend I noticed was Celebrity hairstylists coming out with their own natural hair products like Kim Kimble and Andre Walker, Oprah's acclaimed stylist (who actually formulated  Hair typing)....

Maybe one day we will see our Naija stylists like Ugo of Make Me salon come out with a line simply called Ugo or Kemi Lewis or good old Daboju (me) LOL...

Another trend you guys that has taken over the Afro world is these mambo twist crotchet, EVERYONE and their Mama is rocking. It was my Christmas hairstyle, then my two sisters got in on the action and just before she left, my mum installed the 12 inches thinner twists, they come in all sizes, lengths and colors and I just wish I could bring them but for a full head you need like 5 to 6 packs so even if I did bring them I'd be only able to supply for like 3 to 4 people after the bulky stress of transporting them....but it's so hot right now....love it!
my sister

Finally what's a hair shopping trip without WIGS!! I bought a whooping 10 wigs on this trip however I'm keeping just 1,this one-

It's called Liberty (doesn't the model look like singer Seyi Shay?)  I will have a full review for you guys, love it so far!!

The other wigs will make their debut later on...Used this chance to get them out of the way, so no they are not for sale just yet so I won't be sharing their details till their big reveal :)

The other day when I went snooping at the beauty store, I saw this product...
It's colored edge control...will be perfect for people graying or with receding hair line...

I had one natural products shop I wanted to go to but found out it's not quite as close as I thought it was and driving such a distance is just not possible right now...oh well next time hopefully!!

That's all for now, I think I did well for staying here all these months, I'm just not as easily sold as I used to be when I picked any and every hair product in sight...as for actually shopping for these products, you know I'd have loved to open an import window but our currency is weak and it just doesn't make sense for me right now...will keep you all updated when things hopefully change!! 

Expect another entry into my Dab's File next week Sunday, it might be about changing diapers! Lol just kidding, till then I wish you a great week!! 

P.S Regular hair care update posts are still going to feature as per usual so have no fear.