So I have a received award nominations in recent times from the following readers; 
Tinu of, Curious Kinks;, Ghanaian Emprezz; and Deep brown & Kinks all gave me these Versatile Blogger Awards;

and Dr Fomsky of Sizzling Mom; gave me another one; The Liebster Award!!

I want to thank all these lovely bloggers for their nominations! High fives to them for the great jobs they are doing on their blogs as well! 

I have decided to use this post to respond to the awards but as the  non conformist I can be, I have decided to tweak the rules a little!!*wide grin * but first these are the rules ;

1. Create a versatile blogger award blogpost and thank the blogger who nominated you by posting a link back to their blog
2. Nominate 15 other bloggers you follow
3. Inform the nominees by posting a comment on their blog
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself
5. Post these rules on your blog

I on the other hand will put up 7 RANDOM PICTURES from my phone archives and tell you all what each pic is all about. Cool? At least I'm obeying the other rules...

The first pic is my very own attempt at making Cheesecake factory bread; 'That cheesecake factory bread'! The wheat brown bread that is oh so yummy! 

One day at my desk in my office, my mind wonders and I begin to dream about that warm, succulent delicious wheat bread they serve at Cheesecake factory before your order comes and I decide to search google for a recipe and I find recipes! Apparently I'm not the only one in love with that bread! I followed a simple recipe I found and it turned out fine actually! The bread did not rise ( my impatience) but the cocoa and honey I put in the mix and the toasted oats sprinkled on top made the bread taste just like the cheesecake factory bread.

This second pic is a pic of my native food;

 I am from a Kingdom, yes Kingdom as in United Kingdom, Kingdom called the Kalabari Kingdom and this is one of the staple meals made by my Kalabari people it's called Onunu( the yellow ball) made by pounding boiled yam and boiled plantain with palm oil, it's so yum! We eat it with fresh fish stew. This was my first attempt of making it all by myself, not a bad first time, I didn't realize how many pics of food I have, if I get another award I will give you guys an eyeful of my culinary prowess!LOL

This is the woman who birth me! My very funny Mum!

You see my Dad is a golfer, my mum on the other hand likes to THINK she is one! Well she did play golf regularly when she was younger ( no that's not how my parents met) but now she will dress up fully kitted once a year and go to the golf course and spend more time taking pics than hitting balls!!LOL ( she's going to get me for this but since I'm in Lagos and she's  all the way in PH, she'l forget about it by the next time we see!LOL)

Oh here's another food related pic, it's a pic of a Thai salad I made for my hubby. 

He has a habit of sending me emails of recipes he would like me to try out. Finding the ingredients for this salad was a bit of a challenge but I finally found most of what I needed at Deli's supermarket in VI for those interested in these kind of things. My hubs loved it, I on the other hand almost threw up after just a taste, it didn't help that I was in my first trimester!

So in this pic above, I, my sister and some friends met at Uyo for a close pal's wedding, we get near the reception venue and are told the road to the reception is blocked so we'll have to walk down quite a distance and you know we were not about to start walking on hard tarred ground with 5 inch heels! No way! So for the first time ever we saw the relevance of these annoying(. Not in this case) little motorcycle turn miniature car things called Kekenapep! Of course we had to make some random stranger take a pic for keepsakes! 

And don't worry we got to the bride in one piece!

This Pic below was taken just before our boy came, I have two braids on, I moisturized and sealed and then braided my hair even on delivery day! Having a hair regimen becomes part of your life style if you let it!

This pic is a major throwback pic!

My sister and I bumped into Akon and his crew at the Lagos airport on our way back home from Uni! I'm sporting my famous blonde hair but this time I have like 10 strands in front as bangs!LOL! My front hair was breaking so I decided to just cut it into bangs, at least it was an attempt at styling my color damaged hair! (have you noticed how I like to cock my head to the side when I pose for pics? its been a habit since forever!)

This Last pic for good measure is me giving my baby some hair, NAIJA BABY HAIR CAN GROW TOO!! (this is an old pic, he is much older now : )

Thanks again ladies for the awards, hope you don't mind my tweaking! I Tag all of you back, go through your photo archives and share your 7 well in my case 9 pics(told you i was a non conformist) and tell us about them, You'l be surprised the pics You'l find!

ANNOUNCEMENT; on the 1st of October a new page called the 'Shop NHCG' page will come up on this blog. It will be the answer to getting all those products you have searched high and low for in Nigeria and from outside the Country! I have also formulated hair kits to target specific hair issues, some of the kits even come with recipes and guides so stay tuned for that page as there will be a giveaway as part of the Nigerian Independence day celebration!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, catch you on the next one!!



  1. Replies
    1. the wait is over, the page is up :)

  2. Wow Dabs lovely twist, now i know so much more about you. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the Shop NCHG page too.

    1. awww thanks!!just put the page up, check it out :)

  3. lol @ the kekenapep.thats what we rock here in calabar oh. Aunty dabs, as per the shop,consider us:your student fans on a budget *wink*

    1. lol!!of course you have been considered, the hair kits are very affordable, check them out :)

  4. LOL! and i'm hereby adding my VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD NOMINATION to the list! enjoy!

  5. Oju y r u beefing my hair in that akon's picture? On Naija hair can grow?! adokowaaa o! Lol...

    1. doc pls go and treat your patients!!*sticking toungue out*

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed dis post. U are definitely one very pretty lady.

  7. Lol. You're like everything! The total package. Your son is sooo cute. I'm from Bayelsa and figured you're Kalabari or something close. Yay!


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