How's everyone doing?! Hope all is well at your endzzzz!! I have a confession to make and please I beg you all, don't shoot me!!! :) 

I have fallen in love with..............a manufactured hair product by Organic Root Stimulator called HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme!!

Yes I put up a post talking about how I was going all natural for good(hair product wise) blah blah but you see since my Shea butter mix which lasted me till the end of June finished, I have been too busy to mix some more up so in the mean time I was using this product from the meet up 

But this peppy peppermint butter is an oil based butter and is better used as a sealant after you have moisturized your hair and not a moisturizer as I was using it. My hair was feeling greasy and weighed down all the time and I knew something had to change so while I was stuck with my little dilemma, on came an advert on BET advertising  Organic root stimulator's new line of products called HAIRepair!! 

Next day I go to Ebeanor Supermarket( our version of Walmart in Lekki ) and what do I see standing on the hair product stall, the very product that was advertised a day before (Naija no dey slack again oh, yay !!!)

I grabbed one, it cost  N950, pricey compared to other products of the same size but sooooooooo worth it o!! I have been using this moisturizer every other day  because using it everyday I feel will be an overkill, it really does what it says; gives your hair intense moisture!! Let me list what good it has done to my hair;

My hair has remained tremendously soft and moisturized despite it being 5 weeks post relaxer.

After application and I comb, the comb glides through, hardly any breakage although I help the gliding process by spritzing  my water and glycerin mix. 

No build up whatsoever!! You would think it will make your hair gooey and greasy after a few days like most moisturizers that do not have a watery consistency but nope, they formulated it so your hair absorbs all of its goodness!

It contains coconut and avocado oil with coconut oil being the third ingredient after water and some benzoate stuff  and we all know the benefits of these oils so it's still kinda natural!!

It smells great, a bit overpowering if you use a lot but still yummy!

Needless to say, I LOVE this product, no lie and I recommend it to all my readers both natural and relaxed . Have you used this product before? Did you like it? Let us know!

Shout out to Deepbrown & Kinks for featuring NHCG on her blog!! Loving the work she is doing as well, check out her blog HERE

That will be all for now, the clip in extensions promo is still on, feel free to email me for more info!hope this product review will be of help to you!



  1. Hmm, I have never used it before, but I know that Organic Root Stimulator makes good products,though one of the challenges is that some people have been imitating their products, so one needs to be careful.

  2. Hi Dabs,
    love your blog and all the info on here. please keep it up. You mentioned something about satin curl formers,please how do I get those. I live outside of Lagos though.
    thank you

    1. Hi Spesh, I got them from the US but I can get them for you soon as I will soon be taking a trip there in a few weeks. Send me your email address if you a interested.

      thank you :)

  3. Hi Dabs,

    I too purchased the HaiRepair intense moisture creme (although by accident as i thought i was grabbing a bottle of the anti-breakage creme that i normally buy). I have been trying to avoid anything with mineral oil and petrolatum. but i noticed that the intense moisture creme has petrolatum in it....... while i genuinely love the way the creme feels on my hair and the way it smells (sooo good), i am concerned about it having petrolatum though....

  4. I defo agree with you. My mum bought back a sample from the shop and since then i've been in love. I haven't texturised my hair since the end of January and normally by now it would be going back to a more natural state, however since i've been using this (beginning of Febuary) my hair which is naturally soft is still super soft and looks and feels healthy and shiny. I've also noticed that i have a lot less dandruff, which is great... an amazing product but don't us it everyday and it will be too much, i tend to use it every 2-3 days. I also love that it doesn't make the hair sticky as some creams do especially after straightening it.... Well worth the buy!


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