How's everyone doing?! I've been a busy bee lately, finally just had enough time to put my thoughts together for this post.

Basically, we all know the benefits of protective styling and extensions are a great way to protect your natural hair from everyday wear and tear but as I always warn, they must be done properly to be effective as protective styles thats why I just loved the idea of clip in extensions when I discovered them. No painful tugging and pulling from the braids and sewing of the extensions, no smelly accumulation of dirt at the weft thanks to sweat and dust from the elements, as a result no itching of your scalp vigorously or tapping till you get a headache because you cannot reach your scalp! In short NO STRESS!!

Clip them in when you want, take them out when you're bored, you get longer use of your extensions because you aren't stuck with them on your head, even when the extensions get old, you take your clips off the old ones and put them on the new one, you save money from all those salon visits; the value is endless I tell ya!

At the risk of sounding like a car salesman let me move on to the details of this promo; 
In the past I informed you that I sold just clips. A few readers called and bought the clips but almost all asked if I sold hair to go with the clips but I didn't and now I DO!!

For a limited time NHCG will be offering virgin Indian hair 16" inches, 18" inches and 24" inches customized clip in extensions to interested readers at a very affordable prize.

Customized in the sense that you will have a say as to the color, length, number of  wefts and number of clips on each weft for the cost of ONLY N2000 per weft and  N150 per clip!!

So for example if I want 1 weft of clip in extensions with 3 clips. It. Will cost me  N2450.

All you need to do is decide how many wefts you want, it's advisable to measure your head like this to know the weft length in inches; 

Send an email to daboju@yahoo.com stating the measurements in inches of each weft length, how many clips you want per weft, how many wefts you want and what color and length you want. A weft with clips looks like this;

We will reply confirming availability and send payment details, upon receipt of payment please give us 3 working days to install the clips in and send them to you!! 

It's that simple ladies, don't miss out on this promo because it's for a limited time oh! 

And also feel free to mix and match lengths and colors, below is me with clip ins on;

and so you don't think it's only people with long hair that can rock it, here is my cousin with short hair and then with clips on;

As I stated in the past, you can braid down your hair and install the clips, my family friend Shirley(above)has a great video on Youtube illustrating how;

And for ladies who still need assistance installing the clips, I am working on arranging a stylist to come to wherever you are to install them on for a token price.

All in all, I got this!LOL so get with the program ladies, get NHCG customized clip in extensions!

*for more info call 08073589896, delivery is free within Lagos but is also available outside Lagos for additional costs.

Thanks for stopping by, I will be expecting your calls or emails!!



  1. I love your blog, I did my first ever home deep conditioning treatment at home and I loved it my hair felt to loved afterwards I was like why haven't I been doing this since. Anyway I don't have long hair but I want to grow it out now I've never truly bothered so I want to know how often should I relax my hair bear in mind I've got naturally soft hair so I relax my hair highest twice a year, what do u suggest?

    1. Since you have been relaxing 2wice a year due to your sensitive scalp, I say stick to what works but keep in mind that relaxing should be done properly for desired results and should not be your go to hair remedy, in the search column above the post search. For how to relax hair and you will get helpful info as to relaxing your hair the healthy way! Thanks for your comment!

    2. Oops ' your soft hair' not sensitive scalp

  2. Hi Dabs! i have come again o! can i get just the clips and how much will a pack cost?

    1. Sure you can get just clips but not more. Than 10 so I have enough for people buying them with hair. They cost 150 each

  3. Hello Dabs! Please I would absolutely love to place an order for your weaves,I am currently stretching my relaxer and find this clip-in method an easy and cheap way to still stay glamorous without putting undue stree and tension on my hair, can I have details on how to get it posted to me? I stay at Victoria Island,Lagos. Thank you

  4. Sorry one more thing, can I please get the cost? My email address is rosydiva@gmail.com. Thx a bunchies!

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