I decided to start a new segment here called Be INSPIRED!! Basically, I will interview ladies with healthy, long relaxed hair and find out a little bit more about their hair care regimen, hair goals etc. Naturally I decided to start off with family, so dear Naija Hair Can Grow family, meet my younger sister- MINA!!

Hi Mina, 

How long is your hair?  
Mina; Its Bra Strap  Length at the longest part

Has it been Chemically treated?
Mina; well I am relaxed, been relaxed since High School, I have also dyed my hair darker and then auburn in the past. That's about all.

Is this the longest your hair has been? 

Mina; Yes but it was almost this long at University but bad management broke it all off so I had to start to afresh in 2009.

How did u start afresh?

Mina;  I cut it off to neck length above my shoulder, by the start of  2011 my hair was sitting comfortably on my shoulders

So How did you grow it out?

Mina;  No more dyes, prolonged relaxer stretches to 8 / 12 weeks from every 4 weeks (lol Can't believe I used to relax my hair every month!!) I use non alcholic gels, no more weaves, basically try to be as natural as possible.

 During your relaxer stretches what do you?

Mina; Brush it, avoid combing except just to detangle and I use gel for the edges, I am in a non fashion oriented profession!(medicine) so I am not out to make fashion statements!LOL! I also do big braids  but not Ghana weaving! Love my edges too much for that!

What are your fave hair products/accessories; 

Mina; soft bristle hair brushes, cantu Shea butter, Proclaim hair gel, extra virgin olive oil, ORS deep conditioner and I love big snap clips because they are easy to use, tangle free and apply less stress on your ends;

What relaxer are you using at the moment;

Mina; soft and beautiful for kids but I am not particular about relaxers, I just like anything that loosens my curl pattern a little bit. I have even stopped expecting to get bone straight hair results because it never happens for me that's why I switched to a kids relaxer kit. 

What products don't you like? 

Mina; Hair detanglers do not work for your my hair, can't stand them!

So what detangles your hair?

Mina;  Glycerin and water mixture thanks to you sis! It just takes all the tangles out!!

Are you facing any hair challenge presently?

Mina; YES!!My hair is shedding big time!!I'm fed up! It causing me to have uneven ends but thing is, those ends are healthy as well and I am reluctant to trim them off!!

Naija Hair can grow recommendation; 'Mina a regular black tea rinse once a week could be the answer to your shedding woes! thank God its just shedding and not breaking!! Also trim those ends, your hair will grow back!!!' 

Favorite protective hairstyle? 

Mina; a solid bun and I also love bantu knots
Any hair goals?

Mina; Butt length!lol

Realistic goals please?

Mina;  Ok ok mid back length is my goal

Any weekend hair rituals? 

Mina; Not really because I am very busy but when I visit this blog I get excited always to give my hair a treat!

Thanks Mina for sharing all this info about your hair, we wish you the best!! Happy growing :) And happy growing days to my readers as well!! This month this blog turns 1 and I am super excited and will be doing a giveaway in the coming weeks so stay tuned and thanks for all the support!!



  1. Hi! I noticed that you tend to use water and glycerine mixture as a leave in conditioner and I thought I'd try it out since my hair gets really tangled a lot. I could only find it in a really small quantity (38ml), but I was wondering what ratio of glycerine to water I should use? May be a weird question, but I'm quite new to the whole natural hair journey thing. Thanks for your help in advance!

  2. Its official, my hair needs a lot of help. It grows till my shoulders and stops growing. My front hair is now shorter than the rest due to breakage and I dunno what happened cos it wasn't so before. What do I do? I am a fan of long hair and I can't seem to achieve a reasonable length. Thanks!!!

  3. Getting Glycerin is really difficult for me, the ones are borax and glycerin with rosewater. Yesterday went to a pharmacist shop,they have glycerin but its used for food. Am so confused,what do i do

    1. Hi, the glycerin used for food is the normal one, get that one, Borax has been mixed

    2. Tank you for replying,pls what is the name of the Indian Shop on VI, pls. Thank U!

    3. It's called Emjays supermarket, its in the same compound as Sherlaton Hotel I think

  4. Where has this blog been all my life? i am soo following. My hair needs all the help it can get!

  5. Hi ladies, thanks for your comments. I use 1 part glycerin, 2 parts water.
    @ Diva-inc- your problem is most people's problem, length retention! Go through my posts and formulate a regimen that works for your hair and you will start to retain length like I have :)

  6. Thank you so much for replying! I'm going to buy more so I can fill up the bottle! :D

  7. Her hair looks lovely and healthy

    1. It is,thanks on her behalf :)


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