A new month has begun and I have been really down because of the unfortunate plane crash that occurred on the 3rd which happened to be the same day I dedicated my baby in Church! My heart goes out to all those who lost a loved one in that crash, the Lord strengthen you!!

Well with the start of a new month, calls for another hair challenge!  This month lets challenge ourselves to relieve the combs and brushes a bit while we make use of our fingers to smooth out our hair. I got this idea when I was browsing through You tube some weeks ago and noticed that some hair guru's actually rely heavily on finger combing and for good reason.

You see, when you are constantly combing and brushing your hair even when it is moisturized, you loose hair unnecessarily due to the tugging and pulling even with a wide tooth comb and if you are like me, when I get a comb in my hair I want to make sure it glides through it and most times that takes at least 3 times of raking the comb through the hair and doing that every single day can be costly to your hair because aside from shed hair, there will also be comb raked out hair on the floor!!

So whats the solution? Your very own fingers. One of the hair guru's gave me a brilliant idea! She said she combs her hair with a comb just twice a week!! Yeap, just twice, on the days she gets hair hair washed which are Sunday and Wednesday. She uses the comb to detangle her damp hair and allows it to air dry and styles it with her fingers for the rest of the week! What she noticed is that she recorded more length retention and that's all you want if your aim is longer hair.

So ladies we have our work cut out for us this month. I am going to try using a comb on my hair just twice a week and finger comb the rest of the time. The comb's job will really be to detangle and remove snags from my hair, once I am detangled then I will use my fingers to gently rearrange my strands and keep them neatly in a bun or some flat twists or braid out- Whatever style option I choose, I will be using FINGERS MOSTLY!!

Join and lets see how this goes, you can also modify it the way you want to maybe just once a week or every other day or just on wash day; whatever the case just try and significantly reduce your use of combs and brushes this month for more length retention.

On the 8th of June this blog turns 1 and I am super excited and will do a giveaway!! Stay tuned for my post on that day and make sure you participate so you can be the lucky winner that receives my 1year anniversary giveaway!!


*photo credit- africannaturalistas.com


  1. I have been finger detangling my hair for d past 2 month (what does a comb look like these days??!!LOL)
    It was weird at first, but I realised it works so.... Go for it.
    However,I will try to comb my hair at d end of July. 4 months challenge!! This naija hair must grow...

    1. Yes. Oh it must grow!! Thanks for your comment, goes to show that finger combing is possible!!

  2. I never knew relaxed ladies do this finger-combing thing too. Does excessive combing cause hair-loss for you guys too?

    1. Lol @ you guys!! We are all the same specie :) but yeah it definitely causes hair loss for me personally but it really depends on how 'due' my hair is at the moment! If I'm freshly relaxed, combing is easier.


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