My protective style look book for May!

It's been a while, how's everyone doing? Hope fine! As you all know, May is the month of NO HEAT! So all month long I have kept up with the no heat policy by trying out different protective styles using big plaits, flat twists,bobby pins and I even brought out a wig!

Check them out, be inspired;

ALL PINS!- I held the top half of my hair with bobby pins and turned the ends out into something like a flower and pinned them down, then twisted the back half up and pinned it down! Simple!!

2 BIG BRAIDS IN BUNS :)- Basically divided my hair into 2 sections as the style above and braided them and rolled them into a bun and pinned down.

BIG LOOSE BRAIDS PINNED DOWN; I simply braided my hair in small sections loosely and then I neatly pinned down the ends to the side. 

3 FLAT TWISTS AND A BUN; Nice and easy, learnt how to do a flat twist, super easy if you can braid, made 3 flat twist to the top half of my hair and bun the rest of the hair.

THEN I BUST OUT MY AFRO CRAZY WIG!!- I have not worn a wig in a while and decided to revisit one of my big afro wigs.

But this Wig was crazy BIG!!!
So I brushed it out and cut out the tangles;
Then I made a little bump and stuck the wig combs behind it to cover the wig track;

Then I applied some ecostyler gel to the wig, braided it and let it dry, loosened it and Voila!!!

So there you have it, My protective style look book, get inspired, try some of them out, tweak them if you like, just have fun with it :) Thanks for stopping by!!Welcome to the new member who just joined and to Jambudu, one of my readers for sending in a picture of her thriving hair, with her permission I might just put the picture up here to encourage all the doubters out there, Naija hair can grow o!



  1. I am glad I stumbled up on your blog. I was just about to give up and go bald...

  2. I'm glad you did too, no going bald for you anytime soon :) thx for your comment

  3. hiya dabs,
    i sooo love the protective hair styles.
    esp the 2 big braids and the knots, dey are so elegant and chic! the afro wig is one contantly i'm drawn to. i always want to do it, but my liver too dey fall my hand. lol!

    and sure, you have the go ahead to put up my hair growth picture, hopefully it will inspire others as yours has done for me.
    jambudu :D

    1. Aww thx Jambudu!much appreciated :)

  4. Some great ideas to play with :)

  5. Luv all the ideas..esp the all pins and big braids in buns..but wen I tried em braids were so small (because my hair is so light) I just gave up and put my hair in a ponytail..lols

    1. Awww give your hair some time it will surely get there :)


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