The weekend is here in a flash! Wow! I was browsing through different hair blogs over the week and came across a very interesting, informative blog that has had me hooked all week. It's called and is run by an African American lady called Nikki with beautiful natural hair, she also has ladies with natural hair that often contribute to her blog and one particular post caught my eye the other day.

Basically the post talked about a new method of ensuring your hair is well moisturized and the moisture sealed in for longer than the regular moisturizing and sealing I have been doing. This method is called the LOC EASE METHOD.
LOC stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream; these are the products you will put in your hair in their appropriate sequence
EASE stands for Edges, All over, Sections and Ends; listing the sequence in which the products are applied to the hair.
 The lady went ahead to post a picture of her hair before and after using this method and I must say, the difference was clear! So I decided to try it and to be honest I didn't need much convincing as it makes sense, sometimes we moisturize and seal our hair without focusing on vital, sensitive parts and they remain neglected and before long become problem areas.

Okay let me elaborate a bit more on this method;
L- First you use a liquid based hair product, my liquid of choice was my Glycerin/Water mix in a spray bottle, your's could be leave in conditioner.

You then spray the liquid on your EDGES;

Then ALL OVER your hair;

Then you SECTION your hair and spray;

Finally you focus on your ENDS;

Repeat these steps using OIL; this time I used some Indian oil, any natural oil is fine too

After using the oil, repeat the steps using hair CREAM; I used what I have been using since my going natural declaration- my Whipped Shea butter but you can use any good moisturizing hair lotion;

And its that simple! Combing my hair was a breeze! My hair truly felt moisturized  albeit too moisturized but I'm guessing that's what makes it a winning formula because the moisture will not vanish so quickly but will stay locked in and we know that's especially important in this part of the world. Also she noted that she did not do this method daily and that's why I like it, that daily moisturizing was doing my head in, so if I can do this at the beginning of the week, once mid week, say Wednesday and then on Sunday the beginning of the next week and my hair still stays moisturized, that will be super! Anyways this is how my hair looked at the end;
Not bad at all!! Will keep you posted on how this method works out in the long run. You can also try it out and let me know how your hair reacts to it plus if you have any hair practices that have worked for you don't keep it to yourself, let us all know oh, see how I am always coming here to spill all my hair finds :) Thanks for stopping by!