The What’s HOT?! Segment of this blog aims to highlight hair trends and keep you in the know, well my Natural sisters or wannabe naturals’ rocking an AFRO BLOW OUT is HOT!! The 70’s are back! Retro dresses and shoes everywhere, why not complete the look and step out with an Afro Blow Out!

 This look is show stopping, head turning, can be jaw dropping or cause some tongue waging and frankly it is soooo not for the faint hearted!! So be warned, if you don’t like people staring at you, are self conscious or would rather not be perceived as a DIVA, forget this look!! But if you are in the mood for some DIVA notoriety please indulge J

I love this look because if you have natural hair it is really easy to achieve! Just moisturize and seal your hair,apply heat protectant on your ends, spray very little holding spray or mousse, apply some leave in conditioner for detangling, use the comb attachment of your blow dryer and blow dry upwards, making your fro puff as big as you want. After blow drying, spray on some more holding spray( Do not over do on the spray though, we do not want a stiff Fro now do we!!) and VIOLA!!

If you are relaxed like me, you can always get a WIG!! Below is a picture of me rocking my Divalicious ‘Nia Girl’ AFRO WIG by Freetress!! Love it!! 

The key to wigs is making them look as natural as possible; get one that suits your skin tone, that you can blend with your natural hair and that looks believable, so if you are dark skinned please forget that platinum blonde afro wig that looks like it belongs to Marilyn Monroe, except you want all the wrong attention! Also look for a wig you can tweak to suit you and that does not tangle easy!

HOT Afro Wig!!

For a Tamer look, Try Genevieve's Half Fro!!Achieved by Pining up  the back of your Fro.

Whatever you do though, keep it classy as you rock your Afro Blowout because it’s HOT!!! I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned to this blog and feel free to partake by dropping a comment, message or suggestion!

Stop by Soon, 

*Photo Credits; bellanaija.com, Essence magazine.com


  1. Rocking the afro with our natural hair is not as easy as and straight forward as you make it sound o. So many things that you have left out

  2. nice.wil def do some rocking whn my hair grows out

  3. Hi ilola, thanks for stopping by,please feel free to add the things you feel I left out, I actually did my research before I put this post up though, watched how some Natural sisters on youtube did their blow outs and most of them even had simpler methods but I put up the one I feel works best.

    Stels u will look so cute in a Fro!!definitely try it!!

  4. @ ilola,pls this a feel-good educative blog n d last thing it needs is anomisity. as the writer said if u hv any suggestions feel free to add.if you knw of any methods you hv used,just add to what has been said in a civil manner.the idea of this blog i think is to gives us d best hair advice made simple..not empty an encyclopedia- worth of tips n confuse us further....constructive criticsm only pls.....

  5. Them girls look good with thier big hair.

  6. Couldn't help but comment (yrs after yh?, lol). But I don't think the forst commenter meant any harm, was shocked by the responses


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