How has your week been? When last did you open your Refrigerator to get a product for your hair?! Did you know that most of the things in your fridge are useful and will help make your hair healthy and strong? Well this post will introduce you to those natural everyday products that you can throw in your shopping cart when next you go grocery shopping!

Let’s Start with Products


In my ‘How to relax Naija hair’ post, I introduced you guys to my deep conditioning treatment which included EGGS and MAYONNAISE from my fridge! Eggs are great for strengthening hair due to the protein they contain which our hair strands are made up of and mayonnaise contains eggs and oil as well. So feel free to add these to your regimen for stronger, lustrous hair!!


HONEY is a humectant(retains moisture) and thus when used as a treatment (add it to your deep conditioning treatment) it helps our hair retain moisture and shine. You can also mix honey with FRESH CREAM! It serves as a great conditioning hair mask! All you need do is apply it on your hair, cover your hair with a shower cap and sit with it for 30 to 45 mins or an hour and then rinse!

Another great ‘Fridge Product’ is VINEGAR! Half a tablespoon of Vinegar ( Preferably Apple Cider Vinegar) mixed with a cup of water is great as a rinse after shampooing your hair and will help stop itching, curb dandruff and promote softer, shiny hair because it’s acidity helps balance the PH levels of our hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Or good ol' normal vinegar!

MOLASSES is a sweetener made from sugar cane and looks like pancake syrup( though it isn’t oh) when applied to the hair it helps add moisture and conditions it, making hair softer and more manageable. I add it to my deep conditioning treatment occasionally, be careful when using it though because it can be messy!

They might be delicious, but they are also great as a hair mask for added moisture and shine and also said to curb dandruff! Their oil is perfect for conditioning and all it takes is scooping out the avocado from its skin, mashing it and putting it on your hair. The first time I tried it, my hair felt great but it took me that whole weekend to take out avocado bits from my hair, so make sure you thoroughly wash it out from your hair or stand the risk of people staring at your hair funny. You can always get the oil if you can’t stand the hassle!


The goal of every hair journey is hair growth and hair growth is only noticeable if there is minimal shedding or breakage. While breakage can be curbed by conditioning, over shedding is trickier! But don’t worry, a BLACK TEA rinse will take care of it. Lipton Tea (every Naija babe should know this tea) is an example of black tea and it is said that the caffeine from the tea blocks DHT (the hormone responsible for hair shedding). So its use will ensure that hair does not over shed! All you need to do is fill a bowl with water, place two or more tea bags in the bowl, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and allow the tea to brew, when it’s cool, rinse your hair after you have shampooed. An added benefit of doing Black tea rinses for those who are graying is that it darkens your hair!


Grab a LEMON! It’s a safe way to lighten your hair naturally. Just slice it up and use its juice on your hair either in streaks or all round, lounge under the sun or near natural light for a bit and then rinse. Repeat often until you start to see results!

So you see my dear readers, please do not underestimate the power of a fridge raid!! Raid your fridge today because you never know what you might find, better still stock up on these natural products because they are much better(in terms of price and quality) than the so called hair products out there with a whole bunch of ‘phosphate chloroxide benzionate phospites!!’ LOL. Also because they are in the fridge, they are cold and will be soothing on your hair and promote shine! Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to add to my list of products if you know any more, we all want to help each other bring out the best in our hair.

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  1. Nice tips. I never knew about the avocado and apple cider vinegar. Will be sure to try that one out. Thanks

  2. nice tips dabs. I mentioned you in my recent post.u have to pay me for advertising you

  3. And I have most of this in my fridge too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ah nice..going right away for lipton now..thanks for the tips..

  5. You are welcome ladies!!Stelz thanks for the repping!Im off to your blog to check the post out!! :)

  6. I didn't know vinegar was good for the hair too? I use it only for washing clothes. Hmmm...#learnt. That black tea is right up my alley. My over hair shedding needs to be stopped.
    1. Is there any disadvantage in over deep conditioning of the hair? I left mine for almost 2hrs (I forgot) Lol!
    2. My older sister is asking if the tips on maintaining natural hair can be used on children below the ages of 6yrs and 10months?
    By this month end I'd give my testimony, about my hair, so far, a male friend asked if my hair was a weave, and my hair isn't shoulder length, yet! Amen somebody! Lol! Thanks Dabs. Xoxo.

  7. hi jambudu, thanks for stopping by!I don't think leaving your deep conditioner for 2hours will hurt your hair but you would be the better judge of that, how did your hair feel afterwards? in my latest post I give a tip on how to know when you need to wash out your treatment, check it out!

    With regards your sister's question, I think as long as the products used her natural, then I don't think there is anything to worry about.

    Good luck with your hair journey, glad your enjoying the compliments!don't worry its just the beginning!When I set up a facebook page I'd love to see pics please, thx :)

  8. Wow! Who could have tot dese stuffs were of great help 2d hair esp lipton tea **big smile** xcellent tips Dabs!!!!!!!

  9. Hi there! I'm in need of some hair therapy quickly. I moved home some years back and my hair has been falling out and breaking ever since. I haven't relaxed my hair in almost 2 years and and have just kept it covered with weaves and occasional braids. Please this is an what can I do to rescue what's left of my hair Dabs!

    1. Hiya, thanks to reaching out, first step is to join this blog :) then go through my blogposts, start with the post on formulating a hair regimen which will basically be step by step things you do to care for your hair. My blog has numerous tips. Help you with your regimen starting with this post! If you still need more direction send me an email-


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