Hope everyone is well!! Gathered a few of my products to make a hair spritz tonight and thought it would be a helpful post to put up...so here goes. When your hair is seeking moisture, your go to remedy should always be water but sometimes water is just not enough as it evaporates easily, so what a moisturizing hair spritz does is, it helps infuse lasting moisture into your hair strands with water and other emollient based ingredients(aloe vera gel and a leave in conditioner) and nutrient packed oils.

So here's the line up for my moisturizing hair spritz-

The first step is to add drinking/sterilized water to a spray bottle( the water has to be rid of bacteria so your spritz doesn't start to go bad and form mold).

Next step is to add your oils, I added a cap full of Jamaican black Castor oil and Avocado oil;

Then I added Aloe Vera gel, a generous amount as I want the spritz to be very moisturizing but not more than the water which should make up 75% of the spritz;

Finally I added a leave in conditioning cream of my choice- mine was Namaste Organic's Avocado and coconut leave in, did a REVIEW of this product earlier in the year. It has a thicker consistency and perfect for diluting into a spritz. You can use a regular conditioner too as I've seen people use VO5 conditioners but I'd rather stick to a leave in.

Once I was done, I shook the bottle vigorously and my spritz was ready!!

The consistency should be a milky liquid consistency, there should be no lumps or grainy feeling (depending on what products you use that can happen), the spritz should also be easy to discharge from the spray gun, if you find that its getting stuck, add more drinking water.

I love a good hair spritz because I find that it comes in very handy when you are on the go, you can just spritz your ends or left out hair in the morning as you hurry for work and keep it moving...should it replace moisturizing and sealing or LOCing? Absolutely not but for in between daily care, it should do the job.


P.S In other news, the date for the 2015 Salon Day Out has been set for Sunday, the 7th of JUNE at Oriental Hotel!!! On May the 1st I will unveil EVERYTHING I have planned for this year's event...look out for that post, its going to be JUICY!!

P.P.S I single handedly cut a pixie cut today at my salon....YIKES!!! No not my own hair!! It was my stylist's hair...she bleached it and it was just so damaged, I took one good look at her and said to myself, how can this lady be advising people on hair care with hair like this? Eh!! So I called her, showed her a picture of the intending style and said, let me cut your hair...she was so excited and plopped herself on the chair and I cut it!!

I think I did a good job considering how nervous I was and how I don't have formal training...I used a cutting technique I learnt off You tube  where you cut with angles using your middle and index fingers as a guide and it worked :) Now all I need is more practice....who is next? :)))

Have a great week people!!



  1. Good job on the hair cut!

    For my spritz, a typical mix is water, leave-in conditioner and oils (coconut, jojoba, and/or olive oil)

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thx Berry!! your spritz is the standard and most times simple is better especially for beginners :)

  2. d haircut doesn't look like sumtin done by a learner

  3. It's in you o. That haircut looks like you've had A LOT of practice. My spritz is usually made of drinking water, a thick conditioner and oils. I really should try aloe vera

    1. Awww thanks Sandra...you need to try Aloe vera esp the gel...its now a staple for me!!

  4. The hair cut looks amazing. For my spritz, I mix water about 70%, Mega Profective leave-in strengthener and coconut oil which makes the remaining 30%.

    1. Thanks!! I'm always skeptical about mixing coconut oil in my spritz because of how it solidifies in cold temperatures, I feel it might get hard and make my spritz lumpy....does that happen?

  5. I know that feeling. If anyone wants to touch my hair, I look at their hair first.
    Or if you're giving me tips on facial care or which product is best for smooth skin and you have boils on your face, I'm thinking hol' uppp.
    Hope she liked the outcome though.
    I add glycerin to mine, not oil though, because I once read here mixing water and oils don't go. So I do water, glycerine and leave in conditioner (or regular conditioner)

  6. I will have to try this! Aloe Vera is one of my favorite ingredients.

  7. I use water, glycerin, olive oil, protein conditioner. And so far, it's been Godsent

  8. I mix water, aloe juice, any oils i like and glycerin. Softness!

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