THE L.O.C.G METHOD For keeping my natural hair Moisturized/sealed.

Hiya People!!
It's been toooo long!! Hope all is well with everyone!! I have been a very busy lady...taking time to slow down a bit...For those in the know, the 2017 Salon Day Out happened and I owe this blog a post fully loaded with pictures, we had so much fun! Thanks to all that came, volunteers that participated etc.

Now to this post...Since going natural, I have fully realized why natural hair has a bad rep with some people...dry afro hair in it's fully shrunken state can be intimidating and frustrating to deal with! That is why I quickly realized that to enjoy my afro hair I would have to keep my moisture levels up, enter the L.O.C.G METHOD!!!

So there's the L.O.C Method, There's the L.C.O method and now I'm giving you the L.O.C.G Method, this stands for liquid, oil, cream and glycerin!!! Good ol' glycerin has been saving me for a while, since my relaxed days but I used to only either mix it with water as a spritz or use it in my treatments...since I became natural, I use it directly on my hair. After I have used my hair spritz, leave in conditioner, my oil then I get a little glycerine and rub on my palms and use it to coat my hair from root to tip!!!

My hair truly stays moisturized and soft and supple and fluffy afterwards, watch the video of me showing the steps I take, the products I use and see how my hair looks afterwards.

I hope you enjoy the video, please subscribe as I plan on sharing more videos with you guys!! Feel free to comment below if you try this method.