Hiya Ladies,
How is it going!! I recently was craving braids and decided to to get them using my favorite technique- CROCHET!!

Got them done at Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub, see how I mixed braids and twists? That's what I call the Savvy Chic braids and twist medley....Ok Ok let me tell you the true story, so I went to have the hair done at about past 3pm and needed to leave in about an hour, when we discovered that all the braids available had been used up so I asked what else was available and they said twists and I was like, Okay bring them and fix them in front, my girls were asking Madam are you sure? I was like a beg don't waste my time I will coin a name for this style LOL!! And the name was birth!!

 A lot of people found it quite intriguing actually so I think its a style that will stick around!! Now to the main business at hand, your scalp should not stay itchy and scaly because you have a protective style on, watch the video below to see how I care for my scalp and sooth itching while with crochet braids.

I used the following products in this video-
1. Mane n Tail Detangler
2. Kui Care Tea tree and Cinnamon hair mist (proudly made in Nigeria)
3. Midas Naturals Aloe Revitalizing hair mist (proudly made in Nigeria)
4.Vanity oils Tea Tree oil (proudly made in Nigeria)
5. Savvy Chic Ultimate grow detangler 
6. Savvy Chic slick and tame coil comb.

Check the short video out and let me know how you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for stopping by!