Mimi Deep Conditioned!

Hiya Ladies,
How is everyone doing? Hope well!! This post is all about my Mimi baby!! She knew what she signed up for when she agreed to come down from heaven and be my daughter!! LOL!!!

Well this past Saturday I made my first concoction for her hair it was a moisture treatment, I came up with a special blend which I will share soon, just know it contains Honey :)

I also used the savvy chic ultimate grow scalp massager to massage her scalp gently while the DC mix was on her hair, used cling film for a Saran Wrap then covered her head with her satin cap...

Proceeded to rinse it out after 30 minutes which surprisingly passed by quickly without her fussing too much save for the initial confusion she had while I wrapped her head with the cling film.

We proceeded to air dry and then moisturized, sealed and styled!!


I'll have a short clip of the process on Instagram tomorrow. Hope mums are encouraged to care for their little princesses hair with these posts.



  1. Her hair has grown so much, love her hairdo as well.


  2. Hello dabs...pls how often should i Texlax my hair, every 1 month, 1week,3 weeks...?


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