Dabs File- All about my Viral Video and unexpected Cash from Google!!!

How's it going ladies...last week I would have to say was the craziest week I have had this year!! I had a bricklayer, a painter, an electrician and a carpenter over at the hub for renovations and anyone who has worked with artisans in Nigeria can attest to their, to put it mildly 'STRESS'!! I recorded bits and pieces of the Reno and will be making a video of it and posting here and on YOU TUBE so stay tuned!

You know, You Tube has been very good to me lately *wide grin*, been blogging for years! thought I activated Adsense in fact I did but in all the years with over two million hits, all blogger has given me has been $58...then I put up my 'How to Instant Faux locs' video on Youtube and GBAM!!

I still can't believe how viral this video has gone, with over half a million views and counting, over ten thousand likes, I still get comments on the video, people (mainly in the States) asking me to come to their salons, have a pop up event etc, I have received three separate deposits for the video totaling about $700 after I saw it was catching on at about 50k views and decided to monetize my account...that my friends is what we call a viral video...

I seriously have Berry Dakara to thank for encouraging me to film that video and after examining how videos are posted on Youtube with the deliberate intention to go viral I can now see why people post videos of say a cat singing or a dog twerking....all them clicks turn into cash *Cha-Ching*!! 

As the deposits kept coming, I told myself oh babe you need another viral video oh people are becoming millionaires off YouTube!! LOL... So here are the tips I have gathered from my experience with my viral video on how to make a video go viral for those who want to cash in on Youtube;

The title is everything!!  Make it concise, attention grabbing and niche(a specific topic) for example a topic like How I spent my day swimming at the beach will get much less clicks than a topic that says; Almost eaten by a Killer Shark...anyone who reads that will like to hear that story if sharks or large bodies of water is their thing. With regards my video, there are tonnes of Fauxlocs videos but I think what pushed my video was the use of the word 'Instant' and I also included the time frame. I.e 2 to 3 hours max...for those who have sat 8 hours straight getting locs done, the title is a no brainier and the video a must watch!

Tags and keywords are essentials, I used keywords suggested to me rather than create my own, so while my video was How to make Instant fauxlocs,  I didn't rely on just the tag 'instant fauxlocs', I put the already established fauxlocs tag, natural hair, locs, protective style...essentially anything to link people in search of locs to my video. Which is why its best for your topic to be a trending one, one that people are looking for videos about.

The quality of the video matters, again thanks Berry, we used her camera to film...the video was clear, image was crisp and the background music I used, keleyah by Sam Song was a conversation starter, someone even commented and asked so what happened to the lady in the song...lol

I know vlogging is much more work than blogging because of the editing that comes with it so maybe that's why You tube is more generous and I'd like to explore vlogging to a degree as I love watching vlogs and a little extra cash never hurt nobody!! So who is up for making a viral video?!! Any Vloggers in the house, feel free to share more tips...

Have a blessed week.