Are you a Product Junkie? Fun hair quiz!!

I was looking at my stash the other day and I said to myself 'Dabs sha so after all that mouth you used to make, you became a certified product junkie'! LOL...when I first started reading blogs and watching you tube especially I used to roll my eyes at those Hairlistas that would come on and be like 'So I have this oil, Almond for the ends of my hair, I use castor oil just for my edges, then I seal from root to tip with Grape-seed oil, in the morning I spritz on my Aphogee keratin, then apply my Shea moisture leave in, for lunch my hair eats this yummy coconut moisturizer by Eden bodyworks and as I wind down at the end of the day, it's a scalp massage with this scalp oil by BLAH BLAH!!!'. It was like do you really need to use allllll those products? Are you telling me you bought all of that for your hair?! Sigh!!

Well look at me now!! Truth is while you don't need every product out there in the market to have a successful hair journey, there's just something irresistible about testing products to see if they are the next best thing and I honestly applaud ladies with enough restraint to say nope, I'll pass on this one (I'm getting there now though, the Dollar/ Naira exchange rate will do that to you!LOL)

But here's a fun quiz I've made up below to test yourself, there just might be a product junkie hiding inside of you waiting to be unleashed, so find out...

1. Do you get genuinely excited to see an unexpected huge tub of coconut oil when shopping? 
2.How many bottles of oils do you have?
3.Do you know what product every color from Shea moisture stands for even without reading the label? i.e pink is their hibiscus and coconut line?
4.What aisle do you spend the longest time at the supermarket? Is it the hair/beauty aisle?
5. When was the last time you bought a new product? Less than two months ago?
6. Have you ever read a product review, written down its name and gone hunting for it?
7. How many leave in or regular conditioner brands have you used since you consciously started a hair journey? More than 5?
8. Do you catch yourself staring at another hairlista's hair wondering what she uses to make it look the way it does?
9. Have you found yourself going a step further mesmerizingly asking her, 'Excuse me please what products do you use and where can I buy them TODAY?!!
10. Do you find that after you told yourself you are not a product junkie repeatedly just before you went for Naturals in the city (NITC) or the Salon Day Out, you came back home with five products from five different vendors you just discovered and you are asking yourself how did this happen?!!

If you answered yes to most of these questions, well you my friend ARE A PRODUCT JUNKIE!! Own it!LOL

Till my next post, thanks for stopping by and stay blessed!!