First Texlax of 2016!!

How are y'all doing?! My birthday was yesterday so I got my hair texlaxed just because I wanted sleek edges for my birthday (not that I was going anywhere extraordinary...)but yeah I self-texlaxed at 12 weeks post relaxer a week before on the 16th and I used my all time fave,  silk elements olive oil relaxer and enjoyed every bit of the treatment-

I spent a total of 15 minutes from start to finish, no combing, fully coated my ends with conditioner and coconut oil, no scalp burns and nicely textured hair!!

Took a texture shot of my roots just before I started;

Look at my ponytail after, see all the texture from root to tip...loving this texlaxed life!!

My hair is now fully at Bra Strap level- BSL, I didn't straighten it and didn't bring my length check T shirt on my trip so I don't have an accurate measurement but from the pics I took it sure is BSL.

Loving the pace in which my hair is growing...presently my hair is in layers as I gave it a nice new year trim. I have accepted that if you don't go in there and trim what needs to be trimmed and give your hair layers with scissors, your hair will help you out and layer itself but you will most likely be left with unsightly ends (uneven scraggly ends). I will resume Youtube texlax update videos so I can actually show how I manage my different lengths, how I dust my ends etc.

In March my hair will start post partum shedding for about a month if I'm to go by how it happened for my last two pregnancies, I'm fully prepared for that,  post partum shedding doesn't scare me as much again at least not as much as my Inverted V coming back, that gives me straight up nightmares but I'm watching the back of my hair very closely and so help me God there will be no more set backs.

That's all for my texlax update, I'm owing a shopping trip post but I held out that post because there is this shop I discovered on  Instagram in Houston where I am that is PACKED with a product junky like me's wants and desires and I have to head there first before I conclude my shopping trip...So stay tuned for that....P.S restrictions on Nigerian bank cards and our sad exchange rate has made this trip such a hassle for me and that's why I cannot even open an import window...hopefully things settle down and get better and we resume in our product junkie ways :) but stay tuned for that post and a compilation of all those who have entered the 2016 growth challenge!!

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  1. Great progress dear, congratulations on getting to BSL your hair is so thick.

  2. Your hair is looking so thick. This dollar crisis is serious sha but we are believing God for a turn around. In Jesus name. Amen!

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  4. Hello Dabs, i would gladly trade my hair for yours. The thickness is so amazing. wish I can get such thickness. My hair is soooooo limp. And I have never been able to master the act of self-texlaxing

  5. Dabs, I use Botanicals texturizer on my hair. what do you think of the product?

    1. I think it's fine but you probably need a trim to get rid of the limp hair

  6. Wow you are looking in new hair style. The volume of hair is amazing.

  7. Your hair looks so full and lush. Great job overcoming your previous setback. I'm looking forward to your product post.

  8. Happy belated birthday! :) Your hair is very thick.

  9. Loving the fullness of your hair, eagerly looking forward to your product haul and most especially post on post partum shedding, did you do anything to help manage the amount of hair shed? How did you treat your hair differently from when you had your two boys (post partum shedding wise).


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  11. Your hair looks so thick and gorgeous!! Meeeeehn, just wishing wishing wishing someday I'll get here too. Congrats!!

  12. Hello Dabs,

    Ah! I am drooling at the volume of your hair, so beautiful.

    Well done, thank you for showing us how doable it is to grow lush Nigerian hair.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  13. Your hair looks fabulous and I really reaaaally love the colour. I had red hair for about a year but because I'm a natural blonde, it faded incredibly quickly to an unflattering pale pinky-orange after just a couple of weeks.

    I also can't wait to have it long again! I've never made it to waist-length but always had pretty long hair until 2012 when I cut it into a super-short pixie. Loved it but now can't wait to have long flowing lock again! :) xx
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  14. hold on, wait a minute now, i have't visited your blog in looong while, no signs of the inverted v anywhere. . .now I'm going to camp on your blog and binge read until I find out what you did different and how you grew it out. . .*grabs blankie*

    Mvumikazi ~ Urban Mnguni ~

  15. Love to read this post and jealous to see such healthy hair. Nice post and very informative for hair treatment and hair care patients.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for the kind words ladies!!

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  18. I am loving your hair length and volume. Please can you tell me the texlaxer you use? First time commenting on your blog. Keep up the good work.

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