My hair update

It's been a while since I did an update....from my previous posts you will see that I am putting emphasis on protective styling this year as I suffer from major hand in hair syndrome...I can just be sitting watching TV and then start using the TV light to find split ends....cut one then the next then another and before I know it, I stand up leave the living room, go to my room and grab a scissors and start snipping my hair off like a weirdo! LOL

I've noticed that with protective styling like buns, wigs(especially)I leave my hair alone!

Basically I braid my hair into four single plaits after moisturizing and sealing...I try to make them as flat as possible, I make a part either center or side with the plaits making it easy for me to wear my wig cap and have the wig lay flat and the parting match the wig of my choice.

Recently though my main focus has been working on nourishing my hair from I purchased two multi vitamins in gummies form as that makes it easier to pop them in your mouth and chew them like candy on the go...they are Alive women's gummy vitamins and Vitafusion Biotin adult vitamins-

The Alive women's multivitamins contains the following-Vit A, Vit C-60mg, Vit D3, Vit E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Naicin, B, Vit B6, Folic Acid 400mcg, Bit B12 and Biotin 375mcg for each serving
The Biotin gummies have 1000mcg of biotin per serving....

Daily serving

It was the biotin in the vitamins that made me interested in buying these as that's the major vitamin for hair growth so that's about 1375mcg of biotin daily in my system....In the past I've taken biotin supplements and I broke out(pimples everywhere) seriously and that's one of the major complaints people have from hair vitamins so I have been monitoring my skin to ensure that my skin stays clear and it has because I'm guessing the 1375mcg biotin isnt a great quantity like most hair vitamins but just the right quantity for it to improve the health of my hair from within.

I did my research(like I always do) on the proper dosage of biotin to take for hair growth and this is an excerpt from an article I read;

What is the Proper Dosage of Biotin for Hair Growth?
Most adults only need about 30 micrograms of biotin per day to maintain the health of their hair, skin and nails. This is usually derived from a well balanced diet.

However, when using biotin for hair growth, dosage is usually much higher.
Doctors usually recommend a starting dosage between 500 and 700 micrograms of biotin per day, and sometimes as high as 1000 micrograms. Because biotin is safe even at very high doses, many people take as much as 5000 micrograms a day, but any additional benefits to hair growth at this high dosage are questionable. Extra biotin is simply discarded from the body in urine, often resulting in a florescent yellow color to the urine. Biotin for hair growth should be taken consistently over a 3-6 month period in order to see results. Source-

Other things I have been up to hair wise including a lot of current oil of choice is Avocado oil for its extra moisturizing qualities (I have a favorites video I'm going to put up soon on You tube), I've kept my ends trimmed as I mentioned earlier(no chance of that ugly nape breakage happening again) wise I'm gearing up for the 2015 Salon Day Out!!! Y'all as excited as I am??? It's in JUNE again and this time we are taking things up a notch, more giveaways, more activities, more hair brands/companies and a hair competition like never before....from the month of May I will start unraveling the different things I have planned for the June Salon Day Out so please keeps your ears and eyes peeled for those posts!!

How's the growth challenge going? As usual my email is always available if you need some hair advice .

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  1. I'm on biotin too. I take 5000 MCG.

  2. Oh cool, how's your skin reacting to it?

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  4. Your hair looks really healthy! I'm also trying a wig regimen and I hope it will help with the growth challenge especially with my ends that just can't stop getting split ends when it's not in a long-term protective hairstyle. I've been on groganics and it does have biotin but my skin only breaks out when I don't drink a lot of water and exercise.

  5. Ur hair looks really healthy! Definitely going to get those gummy vitamins- I hate drugs too so hopefully this works for me lol. Just finished combatting post partum shedding.

  6. I really do need a wig. I can tell it really helps. Especially adequately moisturizing and washing.

  7. Your hair is full, n it's relaxed! Wow! What's the secret? Where can we get the vitamins n How much are they? Naturally I don't like wigs What other option do I have as I can't go to work with corn rows

  8. Yay! I'm also wigging it so I can stop playing with my hair already! lol. Can't wait for the salon day out!

  9. Currently enjoying a pixie cut wig, taking biotin in form of gummy bears is just genius. Can the salon day out be at the end of June please? Because, exams.

  10. I adore wigs. Unfortunately the heat won't let me be. Before 10am i'm ready to rip the wig off my hair.. So I'm bunning a lot these days. I just hope the dent from the hair band doean't cause breakage..

  11. suggest me some solution guys, my problem is

  12. Ma'am pls how do I get those vitamins, I stay in Lagos....I'd appreciate if you can be tellin us whr u get some of ur hair stuffs or whr we can get dem. Tanx

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  14. Looking gorgeousss in that first photo.
    Your hair looks edible

  15. Hello dear,

    please I want to know if it is safe to give my 3yr old this biotin vitamin?

  16. Wld love to sub to ur channel on YouTube wat's d name

  17. Pls where can I get ur hair gummies I stay in abuja


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