FAUX LOCS ARE SO IN RIGHT NOW...Everyone loves them, both ladies that are natural or relaxed and I have been drooling over getting them done for at least a year!!


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I promised to put up a post on INSTANT FAUX LOCS...A technique that I came up with after spending a sleepless night one night trying to figure out how I'd rock faux locs without enduring hours of discomfort, pain and sheer frustration!!

We have had a number of clients come in for regular faux locs;

And after hours on end I can feel their frustration, it honestly 

takes the whole day!!! Even with as many as 3 stylists 

tugging at your the end, the hair is no doubt 

beautiful but the clients are tired and in pain and so are the 


Something had to be done....*cue superman music*

Anyways, without much ado, I had my stylists create the 

individual locs on a thread; I wanted just 25 locs, you can 

make them what ever size you like...

Then I twisted my hair in big sections as they attached each loc to my hair- I will not divulge exactly how that was done as it is a trade secret for now *wide grin*...

All it took was an hour forty five minutes as I took note and 
that was because my hair is longer and needed more time for my stylists to skillfully attach each loc to my twists and conceal the hair!

The result was really real looking faux locs which I have been rocking and loving for a whole week,except when its time to sleep- not the most comfortable hairstlye!!

I plan to keep them in for another week before I take them out as I miss my hair....but guess what?

When I take them out, the locs will still remain INTACT!! Allowing me to keep them and use them the next time I choose to rock faux locs....seeing as I used about 5 packs of Marley hair, this is very cost effective as most of you will know marley hair is not cheap or easy to come by in these parts.

Et Voila!! Faux Locs without the wait, pain or strain!!

To book an appointment, Please Call 08090613325 or email I and my stylists will be glad to 

hook you up!!



  1. I love the look, i'll call the number soon, thanks.

  2. Hi Dear, Pls this has kept me wondering Cuz I want to start my hair journey so I wanna ask that during this period will I have to stop braiding or fixing,,,as we know this hairstyles take like two months or so b4 been taken out?

  3. Pls what did u use to smooth out ur edges? I use ORS edge control but it doesn't last long

    1. I know this question was not directed at me but would love to share.i've used ors too and it didn't work to my satisfaction. Try ecostyler gel or creme of nature argan oil edge control.hope this helps

    2. Yup what Kristy said, I use Eco styler

  4. Am glad I discovered you. My major problem is relaxing.Hoping you are in lagos tthough.

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  6. Why didn't I see this before wasting money& time? This would be such a lifesaver.

  7. My problem with Nigerians, what is trade secret?.. if people where selfish with "secrets" on how things were done, you wouldnt have even known how to make faux locs to start with. this is just a word of advice :) x

    1. Hi Anon, that statement was tongue in cheek! I'm actually one for sharing info for free hence all the stuff I share on this blog, If I was such a hoarder, I'd have not even done this post and I'd have also not gone further to share with over 200 people the technique live at the salon day out and have also not gone the step further of making a Youtube video tutorial which should be up any moment from now. So you see, it's not good to just jump into conclusions about something written on a blog post, be more open minded and show more restraint about your generalizations and opinions- my advice :)

  8. what type of hair is used to wrap it?

  9. Are you located in San Diego?

  10. please where is ur salon at?

  11. where is ur salon located?


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