How's everyone doing? Here's wishing you all your heart desires this New Year! 

This post is all about my 2015 hair/life goals! I thank God for 2014, on the life front, life was great, there was so much growth and progress last year, most of you guys were witness, I also had the chance to interact with most of you like never was refreshing, exciting and I look forward to even more growth this year! 

On the hair front, it seemed like I was on a Yo-Yo! I started the year very strong, my hair was full, longer and I was at least 3 inches past BSL almost boldly MBL but I entered the year with a strong resolution to stay off the matter how my ends looked, this year I will not put scissors in my hair- that's what I told myself as I tend to be very scissor happy...but then I had that middle section of my hair to contend with...

It had not filled out, so I pampered it, did all the extra moisturizing and sealing, deep conditioned but I never put scissors to it, not until this happened!!

It was while in the US when I took my crochet braids off and saw that the middle back of my hair had broken off beyond recognition! The area that was just like 2 inches shorter than the rest was now like 4/5 inches shorter! I was horrified! So I did a little trim, too little to make a difference and prayed and egged on that section to stop breaking and just even out!

It didn't, while the rest of my hair was flourishing, it just kept getting shorter....I'm quite careful to share these type of things on the blog because of the skeptics that come to try and dispute my notion that our Naija Hair can grow, I'm also always weary that I will discourage people that are on a hair journey that are having a hard I rather share low points like this when I am back on top and have a solution or have conquered the issue....

Anyways, the final straw was when I took this picture on relax day in September, it was now very obvious...

Look at my hair divided and see the middle back.... 

Next Day after the touch up- see the thinness
All my straight hair at the middle back had become too weak to hold on and was just breaking off! It was a truly depressing sight! If I had had regular trims especially at that section through the year, my ends would most likely not be as weak and the breakage might not have become as bad because evidently that middle section of my hair was shorter and full of split ends!! The ends just kept splitting until they broke off!

I was not mentally ready to take off 4/5 inches of my hair at a go so I just kept on cutting every month till now when I have leveled most of it out...the annoying thing is that I had to cut perfectly healthy ends of my hair so the disparity is not that bad! I was more encouraged by this picture;

Photo Credit- Instagram
Its of a UK Youtube Hair Vlogger who I have watched for years and follow on Instagram- @healthyafrohair, When I saw her ends, I could not help it!! So I for the first time asked my husband to help me even out my ends;

See the comparison between July 2014 and January 2015;

Now my hair is no doubt shorter but is in over all better shape. If my hair can bounce back, so can yours!!

Hair goals for 2015;

Though I don't aim for blunt ends as I don't think my ends can ever stay that way except I maintain it at shoulder length which I am not keen on, I plan to give my hair trims every relax day moving forward so that's every three months and I am not talking about dusting, I am going to go in there and cut at least half an inch of all my ends at all lengths this year...I rather retain 3/4 healthy inches at the end of the year than 6 scraggly inches!!

I also must stick to a no heat styling rule this year! Not even to check my length...I know how fragile my hair is when heat is applied, it gets dry and breaks easily...if I must use heat, I will rollerset.

I will also start taking something I never thought I'd vitamins!! I'm trying out Manetabolism, my 4 months supply is on the way and I will start right away...though I try to eat healthy, I fall off the wagon quite a bit, my drinking water habit is less than hair's elasticity is quite poor and I've had two children back to back so more hormones have been all over the place...I think it's finally time to get help from the vitamins department and all the great reviews from Manetabolism especially that they don't cause breakouts influenced my decision to try them instead of other popular vitamins.

I will also let my hair down as rarely as possible- you know how most of my focus the last few years have been products....well this year my focus will be on STYLING!! Every week I will post something on a hairstyle that I've either tried or seen the posts will be shorter and more pictorial hope you guys will appreciate that...because one of the most questions I get is people wondering how to carry their hair weeks on end without extensions....this year I will show you how!!!

Finally I'm going to be praying this prayer point- 'Lord may I retain the growth of my crown of glory this year!!'- ( I can see some of you rolling your eyes reading this wondering, is it that serious?)- LOL!!! Well it might not be that serious but I know the power of prayer both for big issues and small issues, when my hair was bleached and broken off to the point where I had just like ten strands in my ponytail, I was confused and I will never forget how I prayed a prayer that God should restore my hair to its former glory...weeks later I was on Youtube which I never visited for anything other than music then I stumbled upon Ateyaa's page and then Ulovemegz and Traciee of Keep it Simple Sistahs, then MsKibibi....these were all relaxed hair vloggers and it was like I had just discovered a brand new mean black girls can have long healthy hair like this??? Oya oh let me try what they are saying! 

Now see me how many years later....if my hair breaks today, I know what to do to get it back in shape! So I challenge you like I challenge myself daily, let's make this year a year to remember!! Let's grow this Naija hair and remember to take pictures, that's the best way to track your progress!!

Thanks to all the ladies that sent in their starting pictures for the 2015 NHCG 6 inches of Growth Challenge!! I'm expecting more entries. Closing date is the 23rd of January!!

Thanks for stopping by!