Its that time of the year again when I open the floor for the 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE!! Who is ready to retain some growth this year? It sounds easy, it makes tonnes of sense but for those who have gone on this challenge they know that it can be a hit and miss, things happen along the way, our hair can be very fragile and go from full to light weight, from having a hairline to it receding so when you go on a challenge like this what it does is keep you in check and if you want it baddddd like the contestants from last year, you will finish on top!!

But first...before you embark on the challenge there are a few things you need to put in place;

1. Start strong- The entire premise of doing this challenge is to retain the ends of your hair, so examine your ends...do they need a trim or a cut? If yes, do it!!

You need your ends as strong as possible going into this so you done have a set back along the line!

2. Track your length with a length check T-Shirt- That's the only way you can qualify for the competition and the best way to truly track your growth. You can make yours using this guide-

Or you can order one of these printed T- Shirts- just email daboju@yahoo.com wherever you are in Nigeria, we deliver!

3. Be Creative- So many of you ask me how its possible to stay week in, week out without weaves and braids, my answer? I JUST DO!! It's really a mindset to think you cannot style your hair without the use of extensions. For instance, my hairstyle for the PH HAIR MEET UP was super easy- 2 buns, one in front the other at the back but it looked different and no it didn't take time, less than 5 minutes actually! Was really excited to see a NHCG PH Hairlista recreate the style and tag me in it :)-

To make things easy for everyone lacking in the creative department, I will take it upon myself to post hairstyles I recreate and those I see on the web very regularly on this blog, so that everyone whether you have long or short hair, has style options all year long!

4. Don't Slack!!! Make hair care part of you, for those who have met me and asked how I have time to care for my hair, you know my response usually is 'How do you have time to brush your teeth or rub body lotion?', you see, its now part of me, make it part of you in 2015 and you will see the positive changes!!

5. Finally be patient...I looked at my nape hair today in a picture from June 2014 and squealed in delight as I saw it had grown longer but just yesterday I was staring at it wondering if it was even growing!! So be patient as you do all you can to care for your hair and take pictures A LOT to keep track...just don't leave your phone without a lock so others don't stumble on the pictures and wonder what a weirdo you are!!LOL

That's all for now ladies...you have till the 11th of JANUARY to send a starting picture if you want to enter this year's challenge!! The winner just like last year wins $100 and a goody bag from http://www.hairbeautyhub.com/, the other two runner ups win goody bags!!

So LET'S GO!!!

UPDATE; The closing date for entries has been extended to the 23rd of January due to popular demand, thanks :)