How's everyone doing?!! Its DECEMBER!!!! How time flies!!! Well I am pleased to announce that the 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE FOR 2014 IS OVER!!! Here's how things will go down...

1. Entries have been coming in since from the 1st of Dec and will keep coming in until the 15th of Dec. 

2. After then I will put up a complete post of all BEFORE/AFTER entries on the 16th/17th of DEC on this blog.

3. In the comments section, you my dear readers will help me pick the Winner and 1st and 2nd runner ups from the time the post is up till the 21st of Dec.

4. They will be announced at the PH HAIR REHAB WITH DABS MEET UP ON SUNDAY 28TH OF DECEMBER!!

Pretty straight forward!! Let me leave you with the entries I have received thus far...What I can see with these ladies is overall better quality hair, the first thing I noticed all across the board was THICKER hair which is a tell tale sign that their ends are not breaking off as easily as before, it also shows that they retained growth and length!





These are just 5 of the 32 ladies that entered the challenge at the start of the year, as promised the star prize is a $100 cash prize which the winner can choose to spend at the hub buying great products for her hair or can decide to splurge on a hair equipment or a dress, whatever she feels like plus a goody bag which will contain most of my favorite things for hair care including Savvy Chic products and a proper NHCG length check T-shirt to keep tracking their growth, the other runner ups also get the goody bags containing all the aforementioned!!! :)

So who is pumped!!! Who will win this? Will you my dear readers help me pick a winner? It could be you next year!!!

I can't wait to find a winner, quick tip for the challengers though- Send in CLEAR pictures to stand a better chance at winning!!Thanks again for taking part in the challenge!!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi ya Dabs, Merry Christmas! I'm already analysing and watching out for the winner. I must do this challenge next year o!

  2. Next time let them snap their back, side and front view(both before and after) with the same cloth to know its actually them.


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