How's everyone doing?!! The year has come to an end and I recently had my last touch of the year done. Here's an update on how that went...

I relaxed my hair at the end of  the 13th week after my last touch up. I used  my usual Silk Elements relaxer and for the first time since I started texlaxing, I used the shortest time of 18 minutes from start to finish which was a great feat for me as I usually always strive for less than 20 minutes but usually end up getting done at 20/22 minutes. With Texlaxing, every minute counts and since I am trying to achieve texlaxed hair from root to tip, my touch ups have to process as texlaxed hair not bone straight relaxed hair to maintain that uniformity.

Enough blabbering, here are the results of my hair after the touch up;

My ends still need to fill out as I got rid of most of my bone straight ends but couldn't bring myself to cut all my hair straight in a blunt line, so what I did was divide my hair in sections and cut each section taking off the split ends and thinness in that section;

The quality of my hair is so much more improved compared to my last touch up in September when though my hair was longer, it was made up of weaker bone straight ends;

Well that's that with my hair, people always wonder why I am not afraid to cut my hair when I feel the need and I tell them its because I know it will grow back!! As you embark on your hair journey, be confident about your ability to nurture your hair back to at least the point you have grown it out to, each year aim to push the envelope by ensuring that your hair is healthier than the last, even if it means you cutting off a few inches to attain that health...well that's my own approach.

These days and moving forward into the new year, I have devised a hair routine for my hair...Every Sunday I PROTEIN DEEP CONDITION, preferably with an egg or any protein rich conditioner/oils as my hair thrives with protein, I also MUST APPLY HEAT during this deep condition to ensure that the treatment is absorbed by my hair strands...

Then every Wednesday I Cowash with a moisture rich conditioner...This keeps my protein moisture levels balanced. I have had people exclaim when I tell them this is what I do because they just can't imagine wetting their hair twice a week but let me tell you guys, since I started doing this routine my hair just feels much more manageable, all that build up from moisturizing and sealing daily, clogged pores get taken care of on Wednesday allowing my hair tangle less, get more moisture and also allows me only deal with my hair on those two days...oh yes I still hardly use a comb in fact before I used to comb my hair wet after doing the treatments but since I read how damaging combing wet hair is even with a wide tooth comb, now I don't use a comb to my hair until its 95% dry. What I do is apply detangling products and moisturize and seal the hair after towel drying, so that when I comb it is easier.

That's what I have been doing for the past few months and I am seeing positive results, please feel free to share what you ladies have been up to and if you have tweaked your hair the mean time here are more entries for the 6 inches of growth challenge...for all those who entered at the start of the year, please remember that the last day to send in entries is the 16th of Dec!!
( That's in 2 days time ladies!!)




Keep em coming ladies, we have to find a winner by the 28th of this month!! Good luck and thanks again for taking part in this challenge!! Have a blessed week!



  1. Lovely result!!! I've been dealing with post-partum shedding which I think is coming to an end but i'm tryna tweak my regimen to enable me deal with the changes better. Pls what moisture rich conditioner will u recommend?

  2. I also comb on almost dry hair to prevent breakage. Mid week co washing really works for me too. For protein though, I do it once a month and my hair has done pretty well.

  3. Your hair looks really good Dabs.
    I didn't submit my after: with this transition I don't see my length anymore; and I don't want to apply heat. May the most growth win! :)

  4. Nice post, this is best tools to care of the hair........
    get some again hair growth product@ Hair Building Fiber

  5. I choose Stella

  6. Stella all the way

  7. Tolu rocks biko

  8. All hail queen tolu

  9. Let's all say TOLU

  10. Stella all the way

  11. Best of luck to all those contestants. I wish if I could join to this list. :(

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