How's everyone doing?!! I'm good and feeling much better about my hair than I have felt in the past weeks and its all thanks to one night when I was trolling the internet and stumbled on a hair blog, down in the comments section, a reader had commented about how great her hair felt after doing the 'MHM' as she put it, the owner of the blog then proceeded to tell her that she was yet to try that curiosity was immediately heightened...'what were they on about? what's this new term?'. I got to work like a detective and stumbled on a website specially created for this method called THE MAX HYDRATION METHOD.- HERE

Like the LOC Method, a brilliant American who like most of us has been looking for ways to retain moisture in dry, porous prone strands came up with this method..basically its a 5 step method that can be spread over 5 days or can be done in a couple of days like I did and the aim is to bring your hair strands to maximum hydration. How would you know that the strands have reached maximum hydration? They will clump together from root to tips and the curls will be defined.

I noticed that though it was not specifically mentioned that this method is just for naturals, it has been put to the test by mostly naturals with remarkable results to show and being the nosy parker texlaxed diva that I am, I decided to put it to the test on my texlaxed hair...

So first I gathered all my ingredients;

Baking Soda, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bentonite clay, regular conditioner, leave in conditioner, coconut oil and Aloe vera gel(not pictured).

So STEP 1; CLARIFY; This step requires that you clarify your strands from build up (sweat, dust, products, oils) with a mix of baking soda, honey and in my case I added coconut oil mostly to incorporate a pre-poo as well;

This sat on my hair under a plastic bag overnight till the next morning. Use a towel over your pillow case as this mix tends to be watery and drips all over.

STEP 2;CO-WASH AND FINGER DETANGLE- So the next morning, when I woke up I rinsed the baking soda mix out and co-washed with the Garnier damage eraser conditioner-

The MHM website lists a bunch of stuff that should NOT be in the conditioner you use for this step and the leave in conditioner step, view it in detail here- HERE but seeing as I did not have much of an option, I used the conditioner I had at home even though it had some of the no-no ingredients.*shrugs*  

I immediately proceeded to mix some bentonite clay with warm water and coconut oil (again, this time for the scent :), once it formed a paste, I rubbed it all over my hair, from root to tip and said heck, why not rub it all over my face, then my arms then my entire upper body *wide grin*

Waited 15 minutes (my skin itched me like crazy!!), when I rinsed out, I did an apple cider rinse( not part of this step) and I instantly felt my hair detangle and loosen up like all the build up was just being rinsed away, I towel dried my hair and this is how it looked;


I did these steps together and braided my hair into six sections, took the braids out this morning... trust me when I say my braid out has never felt so defined without being gooey and oily;
 My hair is movable and shakeable (if that's a word), I was even tempted to make a video just shaking my head from side to side but I thought how contrived!! LOL

I have NEVER had this much definition with out the crunch and hardness after doing a twist out or braid out, my hair feels soft to the touch and I just love how shiny it looks without me doing anything but loosening it from the braids this morning!!

 So do I recommend the MAX HYDRATION METHOD? Even though I did not follow the rules to a T or stretch it out for five days, I can attest to how great following these steps made my hair feel and I recommend  it to everyone especially naturalistas and those with low porosity hair...I'll be repeating this method from the clay rinse step during the week as I still have some mixed clay left over...

So that's that for this method, who else has heard about it, who has tried it, who is willing to try it after this post? Please feel free to drop comments below.



  1. I have been 'eyeing' this MHM for a while and I'm glad to see your review. What sort of Aloe vera gel did you use? Your hair looks quite nice! Take care.

    1. Hiya Doc, I used the Dessert of the Lily kind

  2. I want to try this!!!!! I just put it in my next years goals and plans.

    Do check my blog however.

    1. good, will check your blog to see how you get along...x

  3. Will try this out as soon as possible.. Tanks dabs

  4. Dabs, you're gorgeous! I love your hair. I'm so glad this method worked for you in the end. The itching made me nervous for you. Hopefully all is well there. I've heard of this method before and many are giving it thumbs up.

  5. Hi dabs,

    please where did you get your baking soda and ACV from?????

    please PLEASE REPLY


    1. Hiya,
      I got them both from a supermarket called Gravitas in Lekki but I know for a fact that Ebeanor supermarket and Park n Shop both carry them. Checking the Baking and salad aisle

  6. Finally, someone in support of natural African hair! I am enjoying this blog.....great and wonderful contents as well. Please keep it up.... we need to spread the word that natural African hair is true beauty and not the relaxed kind of hair. There is a reason God made the African hair like that and not the relaxed silky hair. Thank you so much for this.................NATURAL HAIR ROCKS


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