How's everyone doing? The 1st of December is around the corner, the 6 inches of growth challenge entries should start pouring in from then, can't wait to see the BEFORE and AFTERS!!!

Now to the topic at hand, I put up this picture on instagram;

It was a protective style I came up with using marley hair, I called it a MARLEY BUN WITH A SIDE FRINGE :)

I got asked about how I achieved the hairstyle and promised to put up a pictorial on the blog, so here goes...

STEP 1- I put my hair in a sleek ponytail

STEP 2- The Marley hair comes out to play- hold it in half with one end being longer than the other...

Tuck the hair behind your bun, flipping the shorter end to the front... 

Wrap the other longer end over the short end in front and round the back around the bun..

Secure the hair wrapped around the bun with a bobby pin or many as you need

The back should look like this;

The Front should look like this;

You can leave it like this...

or can decide to roll the hair in front into a fringe like I did;

I love this style because its super easy to do, it took me shorter time to do than to write this post and its quite protective as all your ends are tucked away nicely, it also doesnt discriminate, you dont have to have long hair, as long as your hair can be packed in a bun.

I chose Marley hair for this style because the waves with this type of hair are looser than kinky hair, the texture is also softer and not as itchy as kinky hair and it does look the closest to natural hair that has been twisted out.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post, if you get to try it out and you are on instagram, please feel free to tag me.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Adorable! What color and brand of Marley hair did you use in the pictorial? I love the highlight of copper!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. You are really pretty

  3. Thanks for the listing. I should read this before buying CURLS

  4. Hi Dabs, awesome job u're doing on your blog. I've been following from afar and also use a few tips here and there and have already seen improvements to my hair so promising myself to be more dedicated. well done:-)

  5. Hi dabs,

    1. You are so pretty
    2. Thanks for the pictorial
    3. Can't wait for the Ph hair event

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