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I'm here with my third texlax update of the year, I texlaxed my hair on Thursday last week at 14 weeks and 4 days. And though it went well, I have decided to stick to stretching to 14 weeks max until I fully transition to texlaxed hair...yes ladies my hair has been transitioning since 2012 when I started purposely texlaxing and I'm just realizing it NOW after seeing this post texlax shot of my hair;


Upon close examination, you can see a clear difference between the texture of my hair till line 3 where my texlaxed hair stops and my hair below line 3 to line 9 where it stops and which is bone straight!! I finally after being sooo puzzled for so long figured out what's been happening to my nape hair after seeing this picture....the hair in my nape area is fully texlaxed as the relaxed ends fell off I'm guessing due to the disparity in texture and the stress on the point of demarcation between bone straight hair and texlaxed hair and the other sections of my hair have taken longer to break off...I have a picture clearly buttressing the nape hair (inverted V) situation I just explained but I will put it up later when I am completely texlaxed.

I used my beloved silk elements relaxer which just processed my hair right, I only used 20 minutes from start to finish, followed my texlax with a trim, trimmed off at least an inch and I intend on trimming little by little till all bone straight ends are gone.

 I also went in and trimmed the texlaxed shorter bits so the tips are split end free, then on Friday, I did the weekend treat which I coined the HENNANITE hair mask;

 I added the Bahiya Organics hair mask to my mix(review coming up) and went under the heutiful steamer at the hub. It was there I debated for quite a bit if I should go ahead and hack off all the relaxed bits and know I'm now fully texlaxed but since I promised self restraint this year, I decided to just trim off as I go along. 

All in all I liked my results, I also like that I have clarity now, that thinning I've been battling since 2012 has been explained and I can see the end in sight as I can't wait to have fully texlaxed scrumptious thick ends...though texlaxing can be tricky, I am getting the hang of it and my hair is pretty uniform from the roots until the bone straight ends...

My Post texlax texture shot, you can see my hair is not bone straight.

Unfortunately I've trimmed off the hair I retained but it's all for a good cause. 

Finally, if you are texlaxing now instead of relaxing bone straight and want to see how much of your hair is texlaxed versus how much is relaxed straight, take a picture of your hair when it's 80% dry and you will clearly see the difference! Also expect the bone straight hair to grow out or cut off as it gets weaker at the point of can decide to hack it off or trim as you go along like I've chosen to do. And remember, there is never any point in stretching your relaxer beyond the time your hair can take except you are going NATURAL- read this post HERE for signs your hair is done with a stretch because I'd hate for all that TLC you show your hair to go to waste because your hair suffered a setback from stretching too long. 

Who else Texlaxed their hair recently? How did it go?

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  1. Your hair looks very nice. It's good that you have found the cause of the inverted V. You have all that you need to address it.

    I got my hair texlaxed last week but it didn't turn out so well. Some sections were really under processed. I may do a corrective relaxer or try to heat train those parts. We'll see.

    Don't Touch The Hair

  2. Your texlaxed hair looks so luscious. And the treatment good enough to eat.
    I am always so tempted to hack off the remaining inches of my bone straight hair but like you, I am doing my best to exercise restraint. I've promised myself a big chop in December come what may cos I really can't wait anymore

  3. Your hair looks great but our hemlines are doing something similar. Isn't it annoying!

    1. Yeah very but since I'm getting rid of the bone straight ends, I'll manage.

  4. Silently waiting for you to go natural. This is the beginning. :)

  5. Your hair looks good as always and you got good results from your texlax.

  6. Nice results. I had my first texlax in March with ORS lye relaxer which went quite well. I did my 2nd last Friday and it was a fail. I'd read rave reviews on the linange shea butter relaxer and brought a tub back from my holiday in the US. Kept to the 20 mins max advised time but my hair didn't process one bit! Even roller setting couldn't get my thick kinks to straighten out. At least I didn't get burnt or anything. I might just wait 8 weeks and go back to ORS which worked fine the first time. I guess bandwagonism got me here :-).

  7. Yes, I just texlaxed on Sat. After stretching from June. 14weeks. I used Olive oil organic Relaxer(lye). Mixed it with olive oil. Really tried the half processing time but it didn't work cos by the time I was through with application, the full processing time was up saving grace was that I put a lot of olive oil in it so it slowed the processing effects.i washed immediately. Deep conditioned with a whipped mixture of my protein based conditioner+moisture based conditioner+raw egg.. Steamed for 30mins and washed off. Air dried.moisturised,sealed,corn-rowed and back to my Godsent wigging! My texlaxed results were wayyy better than the last. No over processing or under-processing. I was so happy!

  8. Thanks for the comments Ladies! x

  9. Omg! That's your hairrrr? Wow. I'm green with jealousy.


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