Here's a little update on last Saturday's activity packed day!! The Naturals in the City event was that day, the Loc Appreciation day event was on later in the evening to which Savvy & Chic was an official sponsor. If you follow Naija Hair Can Grow on instagram you would have seen updates from that day already.

Anyways, started out my day at the hub, getting the Jamaican Mango and lime/ Taliah Waahlid products ready for display-

they are presently on display at the hub and most of the products like their protein conditioner, scalp oil, no more-itch spray, Jamaican black castor oil, Taliah's great detangler, black earth cleanse and conditioning shampoo CAN all be used by Non- Loc'd hair journeyer's, you know I break the rules all the time and get out of my lane and use these products and they work great on my hair too!!

Spy more pictures from the Loc Appreciation Day on the Locitude blog- HERE

Then it was off to the Naturals In the City-8 event where I met quite a few new (to me) and interesting brands and of course I couldn't resist so I picked a few products;

Above are; Three bottles of Hawaiian Silky Herbal 14-in-1 spray- there was a buy 2 get 1 deal so I took it and will be giving away one or maybe 2 of these bottles in a future post. It was such a coincidence to see this brand there though because I recently did a You tube video(which I haven't posted) and reviewed this spritz, it really makes my new growth soft and manageable.

Then I was introduced to the AWENI brand; they makes soaps, scrubs and body butters if I recall, I got their Aloe Vera soap and got another exfoliating soap(the brown one) FREE :), been using the free one and I love it, cleanses my skin without stripping it off completely- The reason why I don't like dudu osun soap for my skin.

Then I got the MOST DELICIOUS SMELLING CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE SUGAR SCRUB ( the small tub with dark brown stuff in it) from  a brand I just got to know about; Bubbles and Scents. I need to do a separate review on this product when SMELLIVISION is created- soooo YUM :)))

Then I got Natural Nigerian's Leave in conditioner and Namaste Organics leave in which I cant wait to try when these extensions come out..

Speaking of which; its been two weeks since I've had them on and I cannot wait to take them out ASAP!! But I was asked a few questions about crotchet extensions.

Q 1. Can you pack up the extensions in a bun?

Yes you can :)

Q. How do you care for your own hair;

I lift up the extensions from each woven braid;
Then I oil my scalp and surrounding hair:
I will blog about how I take it down with step by step pictures later.

Finally, we have a new range of Satin sleep caps for kids; As I don't have any daughter or little girl around me, had to use my son as the model :)

Could only get one shaky shot of it before he yanked if off his head and warned me never to try it again!! LOL

But for you are mum's with daughter, for your nieces, friend's daughters, basically little girls from ages 5 up to say 8, this sleep cap will be a nice way to introduce them to caring for their hair, its also a plus that the caps come in really fun colorful variations for adults and kids...

 Kid's caps go for N750 only, Adults N1000. Simply visit the website or email with your order.

Thanks a bunch for all the support!!

Have a blessed new month ahead!!



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  2. Nice one dabs. I really love the chocolate body scrub. I kept an eye out for Namaste organics but I didn't find their stand. Blame it on the rain. Thanks for my deliveries!

    My June/July hair product buys


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