Its been tooo long!! Oh how I have missed coming here!! Been super busy holidaying and taking a chill pill from all that's been going on in my work life...Since I came back after having my second son I have been on overdrive and it truly has been liberating releasing all the pent up creativity I have nursed for some time and I remain grateful to God and all of you who keep supporting me in all I do :) but enough about that...Here are 5 air drying tips that I have mastered to ensure that my hair is tamed of frizz and tangles after a weekend treat.

As you all should know, AIR DRYING is the preferred method for drying wet hair because its a gentle way to dry your hair as there is no use of heat but if done improperly especially when your new growth sets in, it can be HELL!!

Just imagine your hair going from;

To poofy, frizzy, dry and untamed in a few minutes!!

It can be frustrating and I get why ladies just reach for a blow dryer and comb and get things out of the way but that's not the best option and that's why I am here...follow these simple steps and people will be asking you if you used a straightener or even rollers on your hair...I know I get asked that all the time and I can't remember the last time I blow dried my hair...

TIP 1; Wash your hair in ONE direction...let me break it down in crude naija pidgin...''your hair no be underwear oh!!'' LOL!! There is absolutely no need to scrub and crunch, ruffle and bundle all your hair like this while you wash it;

Not only are you creating problems for yourself by creating tangles and knots which are compounded if you are using a sulphate shampoo because its super drying, you will also have yourself to blame for creating split ends and uneven ends because you are ruffling up the hair cuticles/shafts which can lead to breakage and snapping off...plus your hair should never be so dirty that it needs all of that scrubbing and roughing up...since I started washing/co-washing my hair like this;

In one direction, preferably under running water, gently opening up my hair to reach my scalp, massaging the product in and rinsing off all in one direction, I have noticed considerably less hair breakage during wash/co-wash days and less detangling time...

TIP 2; Always use COLD WATER as the last rinse...I know this step is not easy especially if you wash your hair as you shower...running that cold water through your hair and over your body will be super uncomfortable, so what I do is, when I am done in the shower, I get out and rinse off my hair with cold water in the sink, that way I am able to concentrate the chilly cold water only on my hair which needs it the most...by using the cold water as your last rinse, you seal in the cuticles/shafts of your hair after they had been open with warm water and whatever treatment you put on it...sealing allows the hair cuticles/shafts to all lie in one direction and this in turn promotes shinier,sleeker, less frizzy hair. *The colder, the better!!

TIP 3; DON'T LEAVE YOUR HANGING...I am not talking about a date here LOL but you can actually leave your hair hanging! How you might ask...well when you come out of the shower and you have rinsed your hair out and you decide you are going to wrap it up in a towel or t shirt and then you go and watch three rounds of real housewives or some show that lasts for an hour per episode ...The best time to style your hair is when it's still damp, not dripping wet but still has enough moisture in it. It's at this time that you should do a round of detangling, moisturize, seal, treat your scalp before your hair gets completely dry, this will again help to ensure that the hair strands are not left dry, tangled and frizzy as the hair dries.

TIP 4; Have a STYLE planned...are you bunning your hair, twisting it, doing big braids, its always best to style your hair when it's like 80 to 90% dry instead of when its totally dry again this tip is especially useful when you have a lot of new growth or are natural. Your hair is easier to maneuver and put in place the way you want when its damp and as you air dry, you can actually decide to say bun it till its fully dry then take down the bun and depending on your technique and styling products you can be left with really bouncy waves or curls as though you did a roller set. You can twist or braid the hair and unravel when dry and you will also be left with waves. For straight hair, you can decide to wrap your hair and unravel when dry...just have a style in mind and try to execute most of it while you air dry and not after.

TIP 5 is my final tip, as you style your hair or if you are going to bed, try to ensure that you tie down the base of your hair especially if your new growth is a lot or you are natural, tie the hair to your scalp down with a silk scarf(to keep the shine and moisture). Find below effective ways to tie your hair down to help keep your roots from poofing up and keep your hair sleek and frizz free as you air dry...

Hope these tips help, you have no more excuses for using blow driers any more :)

I will be updating this blog more often now I promise, I have soooo much to share!!!

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  1. Thanks for tip number 5 , its one of the problems i have during a relaxer stretch ,. Those new growth never stay down even after wash days. Great post.


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  3. Thank you so much for these tips... much appreciated!!!

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  5. Thanks dear!! I was looking some ideas how I can manage my fairs which are so messy. I always use a hair dryer for drying my hairs after wash. I also love the tip that wash hairs in just one direction, may be this will help my hairs to look less frizzy.

  6. Hi, I know this is an old post but I don't really know what to do. My hair is relaxed really short at the sides and the middle is a bit longer. People advise me to use extensions and braids but they all cut my hair. Please what should I do


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