In a flash we are already in March!! 2014 is speeding along and we thank God! As usual this being first day of this month, means our monthly import windows is officially open till the 7th!! So those interested in getting hair/beauty products please email with the title MARCH IMPORTS and we will handle it. If you ordered in Feb. and are yet to receive your order, expect them from Monday, we have them all packed!!

With every fashion week that comes by, I make it a point to check what new hairstyles are out there and I share them here for inspiration, so without further ado, these are the styles that caught my fancy this past fashion week and I can't wait to recreate them...



I've always thought rocking a sleek low pig tail is cute and works even on adults; I've even rocked this style before hmmm Phllip do you read Naija Hair Can grow? :)

 SLEEKED BACK EDGY WAVY LOW DO; Just love how sleek and hard core she looks!

NEAT AND PRETTY UPDO; You can never go wrong with a neat updo with volume up top! It always makes you look put together. Wear it to a wedding, meeting, party-all occasions!

BOBBY PINNED TO PERFECTION; By far the most creative hairstyle I saw, take a close look, all they used were bobby pins round the base of the pony tail, clever and different! Sooo recreating this!

 MESSY PONY TAIL; Looveee a good messy pony tail!! To achieve this look, its best to do a twist out first then unravel, don't comb just use your fingers to smooth out the base of the pony tail and then smooth out your edges.

STRUCTURED HIGH PONY TAIL; I love this look by Kate spade, I am already thinking of different things that can replace the black band they used to hold the high ponytail; an ankara wrapped band, some blinged out sequins material, chains (wrap a necklace around the hair piece) so many options!!

 The last is the look from Rodarte's show. I desperately looked for more pictures from this show but their quality was not good enough.... With this look, all the hair was pushed to the side and they did some kind of roll which I am loving, also love the base ball hats paired with the look, now will I choose to wear a baseball hat like that? No, maybe when I was 13! LOL

With that, I have come to the end of my fashion week post, be inspired and play with your hair!! Writing this post inspired me to do an interpretation of these styles but they will not be published here but in the next edition of our  SAVVY & CHIC HAIR/BEAUTY MAGAZINE out in APRIL!! Speaking of which, we have distributors NOW!!!! In Abuja, PH, Calabar!!!  Thanks to the ladies who volunteered. Interested readers in other states holla, there are perks involved, we may just be starting off but down the line by God's grace, the tune will change, you can be part of that change!! So holla and l'll put you through!!

In other news, I am going to be at LPM TOMORROW!! Its a shopping event and we will be there with our magazine ( a free gift comes with each purchase), we will also be there with Hairfinity, Cantu shea butter products, Herbal Essences, OPI and China Glaze nail polishes, Henna and a few more products I can't remember right now!!

Please if you are in Lagos and are free, please come out and see us! Time; 12pm to 7pm. Venue; 36 Balarabe Musa Str. Off Samuel Maruwa St. (1004 estate entrance road) off Ozumba Mbadiwe, VI, Lagos. 

Thanks for all your support!!



  1. Super cool post Dabs, it's very cool to try all the styles now while still young when u r old, alll what u'll remember is what u shud ave done. Lol, I wish my hair was so long that i'll get to try all these styles. I'm 13, anytime, anyday! Never too old to try new styles. I wish I was in lagos btw.

  2. Hi Dabs,I would like to buy hairfinity.I have checked and I saw its going for 5,800 much would t cost for delivery,I stay in Ikorodu.or do I have to buy products of a particular amount before it can be delivered,thanks

    1. hi, delivery is 700 For outskirts of Lagos.

    2. no you can buy just 1 item

  3. Hi Dabs, Ideas please. Last year I stretched by default for 6 months( no salons nearby) I then texlaxed by default( salon lady tried to comb my hair with a tiny comb) so now I'm 12 weeks post, crazy scared of returning to a salon and my texlaxed hair is doing this weird Sahara desert thing. Within 2hrs of LOC moisturising and sealing, it's hard and rubbery. I use hello hydration, glycerine and water mix for my liquid coconut oil and garnier fructis sleek and shine. Any ideas will be welcome. I live in ph by the way. Thanks..

    1. I suggest you focus on moisture based deep conditioning, check my weekend treats for recipes

    2. Thanks a lot.. Heading right over..

  4. Hello Dabs,
    Great work you are doing here.
    Awesome picks from fashion week.

    Just wanted to bring to your attention, the style you said they used bobby pins , its a flex hair comb that was used. And you have courage oh your edges no and that style?

    1. oh thats what it is...thanks, ill try it with pins but ill be gentle on my edges as usual. Thanks :)

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  6. Hi! Read ur blog n its really inspiring..I have 3 questions to ask...1) I have really thick stubborn hair n gradually relaxers stop relaxing my hair, pls wat relaxer can u recommend 4 my hair?...2)I've had dandruffs 4 ova a yr n I've tried all dat I can, pls wat can i do to get rid of it...3)pls where can I get this jamaican black castor oil?


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