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How's everyone doing? Hope all is well at your ends! I am doing good! Here with some Savvy/Chic News!

I have mentioned on other social media outlets that we published the first edition of our Hair/beauty magazine. The original plan which we have now gone back to was to have a copy of our magazine in every single salon/beauty establishment and have it as a free subscription but then the bill came for the publishing and it was well over budget! So I reneged on my original plan and started to offer discounted subscription packages but you and I know how much better FREE sounds over DISCOUNT... After trying to get through to a few places, I have gone back to plan A and you my dear (interested) readers hopefully can help me spread the word!

Do you know that yesterday as I was pitching the subscription idea to a salon with several branches around Lagos and I think even outside Lagos, I spied with my corner eye the horror of a stylist using that blue comb we have all grown to hate to comb the relaxer through on a client's hair from her roots to are tips, ALL OVER and this didn't look like virgin hair and then and there I made the decision to go back to plan A!

The idea behind going to print media is the need for this hair information to go out! Our mothers, aunties even the stylists that don't know what reading blogs or searching the internet is all about or can't be bothered to have the information NEED the information and rely on their 'stylist' for all their hair advice yet their hair has remained the same. Our magazine is determined to fill the divide, just imagine if the lady while get her hair relaxed was reading our magazine and came across this article we did titled HAIR LINGUA;
where we defined and explained different hair terms from A-W (there are no terms for X, Y, Z that I know of), she would have come across where we defined *relaxing as;"using a lye or no-lye relaxer to permanently straighten the new grown tightly curled hair..." and that stylist would have been put straight or better still, the stylist would have read it herself and been more educated! It's the same with makeup, nails, diets all other things we discuss in the magazine- knowledge is indeed power!

So now to how I need your help, if you are in any place in Nigeria (other than Lagos island/mainland, I need agents in outskirts like Festac, Badagry) and you want to be an agent, please send me an email;

As our agent you will be sent copies of every publication of our magazine to be distributed *freely* to hair/beauty establishments with a physical presence, you will submit their contact details which will be verified before which copies of our magazine will be sent to you for distribution.

You will also offer the subscribers, other subscription packages which will be disclosed when you sign our agency form and become an agent. Once any subscriber of your's takes advantage of a package, you will be automatically credited with an agency commission. It's that easy! 

You will not need to do any following up, once a magazine issue is out, all you do is pick it up and deliver to every salon in sight! Even the one with the rusty, cracked ceiling with one dryer and peeled linoleum floor!

By our next edition, if you enter a salon/spa/makeup studio and do not see our magazine, please please mail me, just say I went to 'Beauty by Adepoju's salon and I didn't see a copy of savvy and chic magazine', and hopefully I'll have an agent in that town to get a copy down there ASAP...this information is for everybody and so revolution TRANSFORM SALONS has begun one magazine at a time!

I'm hopeful that you my dear readers in the 35 states; from Kano, Jos, Ebonyi, Benin, Akwa-Ibom to Bayelsa, Kastina, Niger, Nnewi... will all respond and we can start the revolution ASAP, oh if you are wondering who will cover the cost of having the magazine sent your way, don't worry it's all on me! This is my way of giving back, my own labor of love!
However the magazine will still be retailed for persons who would like to have it for personal reference so if you have an aunt, mum, sister, friend/foe you know needs the information and you've tried to get her to read this blog to no avail(the main hair article in the magazine breaks down starting a HAIR REGIMEN in simple steps and can be torn up and framed our underlined by whoever gets a copy, even the HAIR LINGUA article which we designed like a dictionary, is a great reference material, so if you'd like, you can get one for just N1000 from here;

Thanks for the usual support,ladies!! In other news, even though  I have a store with all my favorite hair products, I still get tempted once in a while to find out what's up on the shelves in good 'ol Lekki's Walmart- Ebeanor Supermarket! Today I succumbed and found this little treasure(I hope it works as good as it sounds)- Its called MERSEA DEAD SEA HAIR TREATMENT MUD MASK!
Quick run through of the ingredients that made me grab it, it has water as its first ingredients, glycerin, dead sea mud, jojoba oil, honey, Aloe extract, its also Paraben free...I am going to be trying this out for my weekend treat, I promise to keep you all posted...don't rush to get it till my review; its a little pricey considering I might just get 3 uses out of it, it better be worth it!!
Any Reader's tried this before? Feel free to let us know how you liked/or didn't like it :)


  1. Again Lady Dabs, I Celebrate You!! Well done! I will ask some of my peeps & fam based outside lag if they will be interested. also, please please, i need to make an appointment to re-texlax my hair. wen we saw at social media week and u asked if i had natural hair, i forgot to mention i was i actually in my 5th month of post relax/texlaxing. march 20th will make it 6 months (yayy!), however i have back to back events in march i'm not sure i will let this braids survive till past the 10th of march.

  2. U are doing a fantastic job, Dabs...More power to you!

  3. awww thanks for your very kind words!! God bless all your endeavors!! @ Jambudu, 6 Months!!!Niceeee! Just let me know when you are ready and Ill be glad to tuck into your hair :)

  4. Good job dab. Please i really would love ur magazine to get to places like ikotun, egbeda, iyana ipaja e.t.c. and i also want to visit ur salon to have u work on my hair.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hello Dabs,
    I really love your blog and I think the magazine is simply great. I will love to become part of this great movement. I am in Festac Town Lagos.

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