How's everyone doing!!
It been a while since I wrote a hair update! Right now my hair is in full Postpartum shedding mode;

 Shed's with no provocation and its very annoying to say the least but I have learnt to deal with it as part of the package of being a mom!!

Basically, I have been doing lots of concocted protein treatments with eggs, henna, mayonnaise, oil etc, I do those once a week usually over the weekend and then on Wednesday as if my scalp is timed, it starts to itch and I do a cowash with Aphogee keratin 2 minutes reconstructor;

or I have even found myself grabbing the Giovanni Tea tree invigorating shampoo;

This shampoo is a must have for itchy scalps; and my scalp has been quite itchy thanks to all the gym visits I have been squeezing into my weekly schedule-Momma's gotta get her shape back :)

Oh and my edges have thinned out a bit ( I have two thinner spots since birth) with the postpartum shedding, they are now not as full but I have not encouraged the thinning in anyway, my friend Jamaican Black Castor oil has been on duty every night before I sleep!

With all the hair changes I am having, I visited Recare Gentle Touch's Hair Institute-

Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute 
209 Muri Okunola Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos,

Telephone: +234-1-4627442  

for a business meeting with their associate( I will be announcing an exciting new project I have been working on all year long in a few posts to come), after our discussion he asked me to try some of their services, I was not about to surrender my hair to a stylist there because of time and other factors, so I jumped at the opportunity to have my hair examined by their Trichologist- I was quite excited as it was a first time experience. A Trichologist basically is trained to deal with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp for anyone wondering, so they can tell you what your hair is lacking and everything in between.

The first thing she did was give me a form to fill;

The form had questions like; Is your hair chemically treated, Is it colored, questions about diet, health; sicknesses, surgeries, hair length goals, styling preferences etc.

I filled my personal details and went ahead to fill a few questions but then the Trichologist came in and told me those places were for her to fill-oops!
We went into a consulting room and the session started...she asked the questions on the sheet, I answered then she started cleaning this mousse like gadget attached to the usb port on a laptop,

 She came over to use the gadget in my hair and then there on the laptop screen I could see my hair strands...soooo exciting

As I expected the front edges were made of thinner strands than the middle and back of my hair which had thicker strands;


She tested my hair elasticity with some of the shed hair I had in my bag (LOL)

My elasticity was very poor, she blamed it on my very poor water drinking habit-Yes I confessed that to her but I also said it could be the hormones from the postpartum shedding...anyways after my meeting with her I am determined to drink more water and take more fruits all it was an insightful session which I highly recommend especially for ladies with scalp issues or thinning spots...

 Though during the question and answer session, she snickered when I stated my hair goal of mid back length hair!! I asked her if it was an unattainable fit, she just snickered again...I also wrote in the form under hair length; front 16 inches, sides and back 14 inches( because I have checked in the past) You know what she did? She looked at my hair from roots to tips, shook her head and just cancelled what I wrote and wrote 12 inches and 10 inches ---oh well I plan to visit her when my hair is mid back length, LOL and below you will see that my hair is not 12 or 10 inches but no hard feelings, I just wish she was more thorough- no harm in having a tape measure to find out the actual length (it's the Lawyer in me speaking :)

Anyways, that went well, I grabbed their TEA TREE ANTI-DANDRUFF LEAVE IN TREATMENT to help soothe my scalp between wash days, I am yet to use it, will review when I eventually do.
I also recommend their deep conditioner;

 for anyone looking for a good cholesterol protein based deep conditioner, I have used it in the past and it did the job!

Finally I am embarking on THE INVERSION challenge from this Saturday the 2nd till Saturday the 9th WHEN WE MEET AT THE NOV. SALON DAY OUT!! After watching videos upon videos on You Tube of ladies saying that they grew 1 whole inch of hair in 1 week- I am intrigued to try this!! Ordinarily you get averagely 1 inch of growth after 2 whole months so if this works then I am sold!! I will dedicate an entire post to the results after the challenge but for now I am putting up my starting point entry pictures so you ladies see for yourself if by the 9th of Nov. after one week of inverting, I have 1 inch of growth;




FADEKEMI sent in her update on the green house effect challenge she is presently on, I will update you all on that in my next post plus I turned my old worn out wigs into Clip In extension pieces...I have a tutorial for that as well!! That's all for now, till my next post thanks for stopping by, thanks for the support!



  1. Oh Dabs, I can't believe the lady kept snickering at you. You'll prove her wrong! I am so intrigued by the Inversion method, but haven't tried it yet. It'll be interesting to see how you get on x

  2. Be sure to capture a pic of her face when you return to her swinging your MBL hair!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. What's the inversion challenge about?

    1. hiya, its the theory that when you massage your hair with oils and turn it upside down for a few minutes continuously for a week it will grow 1inch longer.

  4. What's the location of this Trichologist's office?

    1. Hiya, I have updated the post with their address

  5. Lol @ the trichologist. Typical Nigerian. Smh
    That inversion thing sef....anyway, when I read your reviews, I might give it a try

  6. Am also sacred of that inversion method, dont want to lose my neck...
    But i might give it a try someday

    1. yeah I have heard of ladies getting dizzy doing it, I will only do what I can endure then stop.

  7. So sorry about your postpartum shedding. I wonder why this trichologist was so skeptical. I'm sure you'll get to MBL soon and make sure you pay her another visit when you do!!


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