How's everyone doing? The WIG GIVEAWAY is over, thanks to all the ladies that participated, I have been wanting to do a giveway for a while just to show my appreciation to you all for the support...so this was my chance! I will announce the winner at the end of this post...patience people :)

Now to my hair...I relaxed it over the weekend at 8 weeks, could have stayed a bit longer but there was a wedding and you know me and my edgeeeessss!! The relaxer treatment went down very well, a bit too well, my roots were straighter than I wanted;

 But that's ok just means I can stretch with ease over the next few months.
I straightened my hair today and checked to see if I had gained 1 inch and my ends were landing on 9inches and the verdict is in;
As you can see my ends were just grazing the 9inch mark but I was NOT feeling my ends at all!!So yes I decided to get out my scissors! I trimmed just a little hair off to keep my ends sharp and neat and though I lost some length, I'm feeling much better about my ends now;

   Health over Length people, the goal is to get as close to 6inches of growth at the end of the year but your hair should look HEALTHY and not scraggly and limp.

I put my ends in a ponytail and gave them a small trim aswell;
My ends still need to fully fill out. Till they do, I will gradually take out the thin areas with little trims. When I was done my Ponytail looked much better;
Not bad eh! In sum, I am pleased with my hair now and feel better about the ends, better than I felt in Febuary. Hopefully in June during our Half time meet up I will feel even better. Will update the NHCG 6inches of growth challenge progress pics page with these pics, you can visit the page to see how my hair has progressed over the period of this challenge.

Now to the WIG GIVEAWAY...24 ladies made comments before 12midnight on the 7th of April.( If you made a comment twice I only counted it once), I visited random.org and used their TRUE RANDOM GENERATOR to generate a number and here are the results;

True Random Number Generator11

Sooooo the 11th commenter is THE WINNER!! The 11th commenter isssssss patience ukam uduma!!!!! Congrats Patience you have won yourself a wig!! please send an email to daboju@yahoo.com after you have visited and chosen a wig from hairtobeauty.com. Thanks to all who participated!! Im planning a big giveaway for the 6inches of Growth Half time meet up in June so look forward to that, you might be my next winner!!

I have a few product reviews piled up for this month and then there's the protective style look book I have promised since for ever!! The import window is closed for the month, thanks ladies for placing your orders and stay connected here on  Naija hair can grow!!

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. I can never get over how thick and shiny your hair is. It's so gorgeous. Your ends look lovely :)

    1. Awww coming from you that's a huge compliment! Thanks dear!!

  2. Ur hair!!!I can't get over it!!!
    Pls quick question thou,u know about 3-7days b4 retouching u'r supposed to use a clarifying shampoo to wash away product build-up and also deep-condition,pls wc dyu do first,wash and then Dc or vice-versa?and then after all these,the days just b4 u retouch,dyu moisturize and seal as usual?!thank you am a bit confused :-)

    1. Hi dear,I dont usually have that much build up because I deep condition/co wash every weekend, so a week to my relaxer I usually just deep condition but if you have build up then you can clarify then fortify your strands with a mega deep conditioning treatment that will prepare your for the stress of relaxing. Hope my reply helps :)

    2. Yes I moisturize and seal as usual even on the day of relaxing but that's because I want my hair texlaxed and not over processed.

  3. Stellar results and your ends are looking good.

    1. Thanks dear! we need to talk oh, Ill Facebook message you soon about something :)

  4. Loving your hair.....and hope I get this length soon!

  5. Halo dabs
    Ur is so lovely wishing it was mine.

    1. awww thanks Mazino, you'l get here soon :)

  6. Hello dabs, thanks for sharing your experience on growing your hair. I'm learning a lot here.
    I presently have a weave on and I intend taking it off this weekend so as to relax my hair, do I need to do any "treatment" before relaxing and do I need to wait for a few days before I relax. Cos my norm is to relax immediately after taking off the weave. I really want my hair to grow. Pls reply asap, many thanks.

  7. well done gurl
    Do u use any products with slipperly elm?

    I just discovered slippery elm bark . oh wow amazing results on my hair!!!! I feel like I have been missing out as I had no clue abt it

    I am currently on a look out for a cost effective hair moisturizer that contains slippery elm bark

  8. Hey dabs what do you use to moisturize and seal your new growth the week prior to relaxing it...the last time I used my regular leave in conditioner and sealed with olive/coconut oil the Relaxer did not take at all...I'm ending my 12week stretch soon and switching to a lye Relaxer so I need the relaxer to process my hair in a short time so I dnt get burns


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