So I was reading Linda Ikeji's blog today and stumbled on this post-READ HERE
The title was intriguing and the post itself even more so...the writer in summary was discouraging Naija ladies from wearing Indian hair extensions based on two experiences. One was an experience her sister in law had where she was complaining that her life was basically upside down lately and the writer prayed with her and the spirit revealed that it was because of the weave on her sister in laws head, the sister in law went ahead to take it off and burn it and things went back to normal.
The second more personal experience was when she bought Indian hair later on and had a spooky dream of being chased and plenty other scary things that happened...read the post for the full gist.

Now what do I think of this post? I believe it! Call me superstitious, call me a skeptic but I personally believe in dreams and God's ability to use them to reveal what we cannot see in the physical. I also watched the Chris Rock's documentary on ''Good Hair" and saw the part where the Indian ladies shaved off their hair as a sacrifice to their gods and it struck a chord in me... First thing I thought when I saw it was so the hair these ladies have offered to their gods is what we have sewn in our heads without caring the source, the incantations or other ritualistic or symbolic things they would have done to the hair before they send it off to these hair extension makers...


I felt my first Indian hair extension on a trip to Dubai in 2008 and was sold!! My mum and I cleared the shop but guess what I still have bundles of those extensions not because I didn't like them but because the excitement for me died down... I realized the hair was not what they had made it out to be! It shed like normal hair sheds, became limp and weighed down after applying oil sheen and worse of all was a major barrier between my fingers and my scalp so since then except for clip in extensions, I have no use for my Indian hair extensions...

But then this lady's story raises more of a general concern...it's one thing to complain about Indian hair extensions on a physical level and another thing all together to complain about it on a spiritual level. Is her dream or her sister in law's experience a peculiar family experience which they should keep to themselves as a warning for them or is it for every single lady who owns Indian hair? That's the dilemma...
You see many many years ago when I went to Uni, in my first year, every girl was wearing those colorful waist beads and I was told the beads helped enhance your shape so what did I do? I went out and got me somathat and tied them round my waist...that night while I slept I had a dream and in that dream I had huge heavy chains round my waist as I struggled to get them off I woke up...immediately my mind went to those beads and I cut them off never to wear them again no matter how in vogue they were, again in my 3rd year if I recall, my sister got a nose piercing and so we could look like the cool sisters I decided I'd get one too...after the ladies at the salon endured my screams while my nose was being pierced, few nights after-the day I decided I would take out the big earring they pierced my nose with and exchange with a cute small one with a pink stone, I had a dream and in that dream my nose ring fell out of my nose and I had a huge wound guess what? I wake in the morning and the nose ring is not on my nose...I never found it till today, luckily for me because I prayed the huge wound never happened.

So you see, to me these dreams are real but the thing I never did was to tell my friends to take out their waist beads because of my experience or my sister to takeout her nose ring...I told them the dream and left them to their convictions.

I strongly believe that everyone knows deep down when something is wrong...if her article in anyway convicts you then you might want to review your use of Indian hair however if you feel nothing then don't let anyone condemn you for using Indian extensions however as a Christian, I know that God is a jealous God and anything dedicated to another god should be off limits and is offensive to Him.

I have dragged you all through philosophy/theology class today!lol I couldnt resist :) But I'd really love to know what you all think about this topic?Are Indian hair extensions off limits because of its source?
All thoughts are welcome :)



  1. hi Dabs, thats a very interesting piece....its so funny that you mentioned chris rocks documentary, because i just saw it 2 weeks ago because i wanted to find out about how relaxers were made and stuff. i was extremely surprised to find out where all those expensive hair extensions came from...i was horrified!!! even though i've only ever used synthetic extensions twice in my life(i hated it both times) i still cannot imagine carrying another persons hair like that on my head...there's something so freaky about that. i can actually believe in those spiritual nightmares and stuff because, as we all know indians are very much into fetish or spiritual sacrifices. so people should really take into cosideration what they are getting themselves into...u dont want to trasnfer some evil spirit to your self through hair!!!! Thank god for blogs like this that actually encourage people to grow their own hair! cheers

    1. I completely agree with you! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. hi dabs
    Quick question. This is totally off topic.
    Hope u don't mind?
    Erm...can i do a hot oil treatment without washing out while on braids. After the daily spritzing with water & glycerine it's still kinda itchy?

    Tanx a bunch.

    To the post above : *sigh. It's really up to you. I don't use indian extentions .the tot of it even scares me with this Nigerian heat.


    1. A hot oil treatment with braids without washing it out will attract build up and weigh your braids down might even lead to more itching...I would advice against it. Except you deep some cotton balls in warm oil and focus on lightly rubbing your scalp then you wear a shower cap and allow the steam to open your scalp pores and soak all the oils in that way your hair will not be weighed down, just don't be heavy handed with your oil application :)

  3. The source is definitely something to consider. the first time i watched Chris rocks - good hair, i decided then that i was never going to put that hair on my head, although i never really fancied putting someone's hair on my head when i have thousands, it just made me more convinced. And now with the experiences from the writing, I'm super convinced . its almost just like you walking along the road and you see a food sacrifice and then you start eating it. we all know that if God is not by your side, you are in trouble. i believe its almost the same thing as using something sacrificed to a god. i really hope that people will stop using Indian hair or at least pray on it before using it.

    1. Prayers are definitely necessary. Thanks for your comment!!

  4. Caro yellow sisi21 March 2013 at 18:48

    Like someone else commented on LIB the hair extensions from India are the very expensive Beyonce, Posh spice wearing type. Regular salary earners cannot afford that type of hair unless you want to starve for a few years. Local hair companies in Africa manufacturer "Brazilian" "Peruvian" and the rest right inside their factories no connection to Indian hair whatsoever this is the kind regular salary earners can afford so I wouldn't worry too much about Indian hair on the market. These days companies like Darling make "human hair" like synthetic extensions that can be washed and rollerset just don't blow dry or flat iron them. I personally know people who worked in these factories (Darling) and branched off to make their own hair using technology they learned from these factories none of the hair is from Indian sacrifices. So that is a better choice if you are not sure what human hair you are buying. But I agree with you about dreams sha

    1. Caro yellow sisi21 March 2013 at 18:57

      Oh the hair shaved off in Indian temples are also used to make really expensive wigs

    2. Hmmm thanks for your perspective...it's just a very scary revelation and we all have to be careful. Thanks for your comment!

  5. LOOL! Dear me! Well,its up to the individual! Indian hair I bought with my money and prayed over has never chased me or anything. Its not only indian hair we rock,if the devil wants to get to you,he will use something you feel is precious to you,I believe the art of making hair is a good gift,Satan doesn't give a good gift to anybody,every hair product we use is man-made,so its an individual issue.

  6. I dont believe indian hair or wais beads or tongue rings chase you. I do believe your body through dreams o just plain Intuition can tell you when something is wrong. So your nose ring for example, u probably lost it while sleeping but not awake enough to really pay attention so you "remembered" it in your subconcious. You know, like they say he average human eats cockroaches and spiders in their sleep without really knowing it? Google it.

    Same with your waist beads,the probably felt weird and uncomfortable and restraining ince you weren't used to it. I felt like that with my ring when i first got engaged. Your subconscious was just "reminding" you, oh girl this thing feels constrictive oh. That's all.

    Just like the lady in the story, she saw chris' movie, felt yucky about it, then her subconscious stored the feeling and "reminded" her about it. This is so normal nd clear about sleep science. I studied this in uni. The only biblical aspect of it really is that "as a man thinketh in his mind, so is he". If you knew about where everyday items were made you'd spend all your hours praying specifically over your fork, your spoon, your cup, your biro, your scarf, your shirt, your panties, your bobby pins.....

    As your heart desires, do so, but it's neither here nor there.

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  9. Think of it this way, if you had hair that looked like something from a bathroom dustbin...you would not hesitate to wear indian, jamaican or japanese hair. Something to 'bo' your 'asiri'.... Now until they figure out that till they start caring for the hair, it won't get any better, they can as well just keep on using the indian hair.. Personally, me i'm tired of seeing 'not well groomed' hair on naija ladies.. And quite frankly, i don't blame them.


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