How and Why I keep Trimmed Healthy Ends

It's been a minute! I am still trying to adjust to work mode at my new job but God dey! How are you all doing?! Hope all's well!

Well, Sunday came along and I did the relaxed hair version of a wash and go, then styled my hair to church but by the end of the service I looked like a lioness with frizzed out rain beaten hair (it rained) all over my face, I just felt like singing to myself ' meh meh meh meh, I told you to pack your hairrrrr'. I just felt like a hot mess, then I looked at my ends, uneven and annoying with splits here and there, I tell you split ends no dey look face oh, even with all theTLC I try to give this hair!hmmm

Without much ado, out came my hair cutting scissors! I cut off 2 inches from my hair

 That's about 4 months of growth if my hair grows 1/2 an inch every month, it was hard but very necessary!!

Below I will put you through how I trimmed those ugly split ends off and then how I cut the 2 inches off myself.  You know I am the DIY Princess and handing over my hair to a stylist for a simple trim at the risk of the stylist becoming scissors happy was not worth the risk, I still have the picture in my head of a lady that came in with neck length hair at a salon I visited but left with an Anita Baker  hair cut after asking for a trim!!! So my advice? Trim your hair yourself!! I advice you get a trim as often as you relax your hair which is for most people every 2 months. 

Any ways lets proceed with how I do my DIY hair trim!!

Step 1; Straighten your hair on low heat setting(for an accurate trim) and divide your hair into 2 sections like this;

Step 2; Further divide one of the two sections preferably from the center line to ear level

Step 3; With the smaller section, twist the hair from root to tip in one direction, any hair sticking out is most likely split and needs to be trimmed off with your scissors, You can use a mirror for guidance;

Step 4; Tilt the very ends of that same twisted section upward and trim them off

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to the remaining sectioned hair and then to the other side of your hair. Stop here if you just want to trim and retain your length. But since I wanted to take out at least 2inches off my ends due to unevenness in the middle, I proceeded to give my self a cut using these quick easy steps I learnt on You Tube.

Simply leave the hair in the two sections, focusing on one section, gather the hair;

 Slide your finger firmly down to your ends, keeping your head straight;

When you have reached your desired length which should be just before your hair thins out, carefully trim the hair underneath your fingers;

THE RESULT; Trimmed, Healthy Ends!!

Now Down to the WHY;
To know why it is important to keep your ends trimmed and healthy, read this educative article HERE!!

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    Greetings, from one Hair fanatic to another!!

  2. Kudos to you o, you cut 2 inches off... I guess the debate on Healthy Hair Vs Long Hair is still on. I want length like right now!!

  3. Hi Dab.I would like to trim my hair, but I'm concerned about using heat on it because it is natural. How do I go about this? Does applying heat mean that it loses the "naturalness"? Thanks


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