Be Inspired ; RiRi's Hair!!

Its been a minute!!Hope all is well with you all! So I was looking through my pictures the other day and I found a picture of a lady I stalked, YES STALKED at the Palms last year!! She was walking past Health Plus and I spotted her and like a tiger who has just spotted its prey I approached her keenly and told her I loved her hair and wanted to take a pic of it for my blog and she kindly obliged me, so here is RiRi's (the name she gave me) healthy hair;

This is a 100 % Naija girl's hair oh!!I did not try to interview her because she seemed in a hurry but I am sure she takes good care of her hair, just look at how shinny it is. I want to use this medium to encourage all those who are giving up on their hair journey, its not only my hair that can grow, your's too can grow!! You might not see much change initially but keep doing the right things to your hair and your hair will surely respond!



  1. Thanks alot daboju. I was actually gettin discouraged until i saw this.i was introduced to growin my natural hair by a friend who came across ur blog.i decided to start d'hair growin journy,no more attachments or weavons for a year so my hair can grow well.but i'll b travellin to england soon i don't no wht to do to my hair.thinkin of goin with my natural hair but at d'same time afraid change of weather mite affect it and also i don't to look so plain. Wht do u think?

    1. Awww thanks for your comment! Since you will be England and not Nigeria, tweak your hair regimen to fit the weather changes, and humectants to draw moisture to your hair like glycerin, honey in your hair treatments, keep up with moisturizing and sealing daily, wash your hair less, instead co-wash with conditioner, just keep tweaking until you see your hair responds. Natural hair doesn't have to be plain looking, I have a few styles here you can make your own, I'm goin to put up even more styles very soon, you can buy fake buns or wigs and half wigs that look natural but will not stress your hair. Hope my reply helps!

  2. Thanks alot Daboju. Your reply did help.I'll do as u advised. God bless u. I hope my hair can be as long as yours soon!(...smiles)


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