On this day a year ago, I started this blog! I was introduced to blogging about a year before I started through a friend. I created my first blog to chronicle my wedding planning journey, it was private to just friends and was called The Wedding Journal. I fell in love with the whole concept of blogging from then on and decided to start a public blog focused on one of my favorite past times, HAIR CARE! 

So on the 8th of June, 2011 I created my first ever post titled THE SCARY TRUTH! I wanted it to catch the attention of readers and it did! One year down the line I have 56 followers and counting :) , about 10,000hits monthly and readers from all over the world!! It's been a real blessing to feel heard and to be able to reach out to many with this platform! I want to thank every single person that has perused this blog and been able to take anything relevant from it and I hope that I will continue enjoying your support!

I have been tagged blog awards about 3 times In the past and have always been too busy to respond accordingly but I think a response in this post will be apt, so I can reveal a little more about myself personally.

One Lovely Blog Award

I received the One Lovely Blog Award from WaistelengthWishes.blogspot.com a few weeks ago and I have received similar awards from Stels of the spring in my steps and Nightingale!So this is in response to all your awards, thanks again ladies :)

In accordance to the rules of the award, I have to share 7 peculiar facts about myself.

Fact 1: I am a 25 year old wife and mother of a cute little boy which I call Ataz Bobo!

Fact 2: I am a lawyer by profession and actually met my hubby at law school!

Fact 3: God is my source for everything, the anchor of my life! I attend an awesome church called The house on the Rock, Pastor Paul has been a blessing!

Fact 4: I am the first born child of my family and guess what? So is my hubby! Responsibility much!!

Fact 5: I don't believe in impossibilities! Truly there is hardly any idea you can come up with that I will say is impossible especially if you believe in it yourself!

Fact 6: that's why I am a budding entrepreneur, I get such a buzz from new, innovative business ideas! I literally stay awake all night long shaping ideas that pop in my head.

Fact 7: I am a hopeless romantic! I am that girl you hear in the cinema sniffing her nose and wiping away tears thanks to a mushy romantic scene in a movie!

Oh and the final fact for good measure? I strongly believe, without a shadow of doubt in me that Naija hair can grow!!

Thanks again for all the support! 

Much love!


  1. Hello Dabs, Congrats on 1 year anniversary. There seem to be a lot of professional(Dr fomsky,Natural nigerian,you a lawyer) and serious minded women taking haircare to the next level.YAY.

    I read ur blog even though I'm natural and you are one of the relaxed-haired persons,I would advise to keep on doing wateva ur doing with the creamy crack.LOL
    Your hair "gawjus". Here's to more years on d blog from u!!

    1. Awwwww thanks a lot for the support!!

  2. yayy! congrats Dabs. Keep on keeping on!

  3. congrats dear..u really inspire me..n now I believe naija hair cn grow..I know my hair will never be as long or as thick as yours but Im proud of how far iv come..thanx to you,I'm 6 weeks post relaxer n not rocking a weave, braids or wig (for d 1st time in my life)..lols...today's post also inspired me personally..to grow up already..n accomplish something..lols..off to accomplish something now..(my first black tea rinse)..waiting eagerly for ur next post...

    1. Awwwwww sob sob* your comment was really touching! I'm glad I've inspired you in such a great way! Thanks for your support and don't underestimate your hair oh!!

  4. Happy blog birthday to you. Shey you know you've not done all you said you would do in your first post.

    So now I know you better. I am a worker in HOTR. Who knows, I might have seen you times, without even knowing its you. I will watch out for you as from tomorrow, lol.

    1. Awww really? You must have seen me if you were in church lat Sunday becaus pastor Paul dedicated my baby in second service! As per what I promised to giveaway, I'm saving it for my post tomorrow so stay tuned :)

    2. I needed to run to teen's church, so I did not wait for the dedication.

  5. Happy 1st year Birthday Blog NHCG! your blog has become part of my weekly devotional. lol! when i first read your blog, and saw your hair i prayed and wrote in my prayer journal saying, "Father, see her hair see my own, let me be able to reach somewhere with this hair by this time june 26, 2012." and i began following. so far, so great. i've gone from, no send my hair, to, love my hair crazy die! God shall continue to shower you with favour and wisdom with your blog, He shall open doors beyond your dreams because of this in Jesus name. Amen!

    love jambudu


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