The 411 on Protein Treatments

How is everyone doing? Hope fine! Well as long as I remember starting my hair journey, I have always heard about and  done protein hair treatments. It's one of the first things you find out about when you research on hair care, so for ladies starting their hair journey, this post is primarily for you!

 Let's get to the basics; In Summary, your hair strands are made of protein bonds linked together. Due to wear and tear especially heat, these links can  get broken and protein treatments are known to TEMPORARILY repair and strengthen hair strands by filling up gaps in the cuticle and if of a sufficiently small size can also penetrate to the cortex.

Temporarily is written in bold letters for reason; you see when you do a protein treatment to fill the missing protein bond link on your hair strand do not expect  the link to be filled in for more than a week. I even read on a blog that the size of amino acids in the protein we apply on our hair which in my case is egg or mayonnaise is too large to be absorbed in hair strands for long, so HYDROLYZED proteins are recommended instead because they have been broken down to absorb into hair strands longer, so I will look out for HYDROLYZED protein in hair conditioners on my next visit to the US but what I did gather from that article was that for your hair to benefit in anyway from protein treatments, they have to be regularly done! At least every other week, because they are a temporary fix for missing hair links, links which you can never get back in your hair!!

 I say, let your hair speak to you and you better listen! You know your hair needs a protein treatment ASAP when your hair is over shedding, breaking, thinning out and getting split ends but why even wait for all that to happen before you react, it's like hearing there will be a tsunami in your town and you wait around your home, watching the news till it hits you instead of getting packed and driving farrrrr away! It's better to incorporate a protein treatment into your regimen at least once every other week especially if you stress your hair with weaves and extensions than waiting to see signs. I once heard a stylist tell his customer to 'steam'( Naija term for deep conditioning/protein treatments) her hair every 2months!! 2 months keh! Our stylists will not kill us oh!Anyways lets get practical;

 How to make a protein treatment;

The classic treatment-

an egg, hair conditioner and essential oils like olive, castor or sweet almond oil. Mix together and apply from root to tip and cover hair with a shower cap for at least 45mins! Then rinse out.

 Treatments with a twist; To the classic treatment you can add-

Mayonnaise for double dose protein but be careful, protein overload can break hair so make sure the hair conditioner used does not have protein in it!(don't use hair mayonnaise and normal mayonnaise together, that's protein overload)

 Honey- as a humectant, it will add shine to your hair and make it softer

 Fruits like avocados- for shine, moisture and extra conditioning; lemon juice- for lighter strands.

 Henna- conditions and strengthen your hair big time!

 So whether you want to do the classic treatment or a treatment with a twist, make sure to add a regular protein hair treatment to your hair regimen.

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