Happy new year to all my avid readers, you did not think I abandoned this blog now did ya? Well I am back with a spanking new post!! I am here to ask you, what's your hair resolution for 2012? At the beginning of the year,  everyone makes new year resolutions; I am gonna exercise more, I am gonna pray more etcetera. Well this year I have come up with hair resolutions!!

My first hair resolution is to keep up with my hair regimen in 2012, why? It worked in 2011!

Secondly, I will focus on moisturizing my edges and nape hair with CASTOR OIL in 2012, why? It worked in 2011!

Thirdly, I resolve to keep my hands away from my hair scissors until June 2012 except of course I notice I have too many split ends! Lord help me with this one because I am a sucker for blunt ends I tend to cut my ends off too quick and set my hair journey a few inches back.

My fourth resolution is to avoid heat on my ends as much as possible even though I just bought the most amazing hair straightner ever BUT I will practice self restraint!!

My fifth and personal hair resolution is to be more adventurous with my hair trying out different hair styles and using hair accessories. You see, when your hair grows longer, there is the tendency to put it up in a bun or clip it up with bobby pins everyday  but that's boring, whats the point of having long hair when you can't flaunt it!! In 2012 I plan to flaunt this hair of mine :) I have already started keeping up with this resolution by trying out a hairstyle I saw Zoe Saldana with; Check out my Tutorial below;

So above is the inspiration and below is a step by step tutorial; EASY BREEZY!!

STEP 1; Center Part your hair
Take out the front strands to create front 'bangs' on each side

NEXT; Take a section behind the front 'bang' and braid it loosely on each side
 THEN take the braided ends to the other side of your hair and pin them in place

poof out the roots of the back of your hair and pin the back in place; This is how it should look from the top when you are done
AND Viola, you are done!!!!
There you have it!!I am already sticking to my resolutions. I hope you can come up with a hair resolution for the new year, feel free to adopt mine! Thanks for sopping by, expect great things from this blog in 2012!!

Cheers to the new year!!!