This post is focused on one of my favorite hobbies- SWIMMING!!Don't you just love the water!!
Okay hold uppppp!! do you know the chlorine in the pool is a hair killer?!if you do then what have you done to protect your hair from it? I would be the first to admit that I used to be guilty of getting changed into a bathing suit and jumping right into the pool without rinsing first under the shower! WRONG!!!No wonder my hair used to feel like straw after swimming!!Sometimes I'd be so lazy to wash my hair after a swim, I would just let the chlorine water dry with my hair!If you are as guilty as me oya raise ur hand now and pledge to repent ASAP!!

Let me tell you what chlorine does to your hair; it disrupts the complex hair structure responsible for color and breaks down the proteins in hair, essentially chopping them into smaller pieces that fall apart causing hair to be brittle, dry and dull in color!

So how can you avoid these horrible effects while enjoying one of your favorite hobbies?

First; NEVER go swimming with tangled hair!!make sure hair is detangled preferably as you wet it under the shower with FRESHWATER!Just gently use your wide tooth comb and go through your hair as the shower runs, removing snags and knots in the process;

So rather than your hair soaking up chlorinated water, it soaks up fresh water!

Step 2 would be the application of your favorite hair conditioner mixed with some hair oil(favorite here is  used for good measure :) What this would do is act as a block from the chlorinated water trying to be smart and penetrate into your hair shaft!!Mr Conditioner and Mr oil go just hold am, block am out! LOL 

(in the mood for a lil pidgin English, Pardon me!)

Now you can go for a swim!!When your done back stroking and frogging, please I beeeeegggggg you, do not be too exhausted to attend to your hair! grab your shampoo and wash your hair out, at most twice, remember shampoos get their own drying wahala!! Then once again apply hair conditioner this time you can leave the oil out and then pop on your shower cap and preferably shower down with hot water so the steam from the shower will help your hair sweat out a bit! After you are done showering, (take your time to shower, Chlorine is bad for skin too) then you can rinse off your hair!!!

The result would be hair adequately protected from the adverse effects of evil Mr Chlorine!!If you are a beach lover, Miss SALT WATER is also a culprit for damaging and drying out hair so don't forget to repeat these steps at the beach as well!!If you cannot be bothered with all these steps then just get a swimming cap and make sure all your hair is covered by it!!

Hope this post is helpful! It is directed at ALL hair types, be it relaxed or natural! Thanks so much for all your support, Naija hair can grow!! now has a group on facebook for even more updates!! check it out 

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  1. Very very very educative. I never knew this one o, though I don't swim sha.

  2. nice girl..u're really doing your research well and educating us in the process.thumbs up!

  3. Thanks ladies!@ ilola- you should learn to swim oh, its a really fun way to burn up calories :)

  4. Information is appropriate and easy to understand all the aspects that are mentioned in the hairs post. Really a good work.

  5. U r a life saver


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