How has your weekend been? Mine has been very relaxing! Started Saturday morning with my usual hair treatments. You see, EVERY weekend I choose a hair treatment to indulge my hair in and I either apply the treatment on Friday night into Saturday morning or I just wait till Saturday and apply the treatment and wait a few hours. If you noticed, I have put EVERY in caps lock for emphasis because recently, a friend of mine said she cannot imagine 'washing' her hair every week!! She thought it to be just impossible! If you are like her and feel its too much of a hassle or it is not good for your hair, you are partly right and partly wrong!

WASHING your hair with shampoo every week may not be advisable because most shampoos have Sulphates that actually strip your hair off good hair oils and leave hair dry and brittle in fact most of them just OVER CLEAN your hair which is not good HOWEVER leaving your hair for more than one week without any drop of water touching it is a great injustice to your hair because that is what your hair needs the most especially on the path of recovery!!But just water is not enough and  that is why I incorporate hair treatments with their different variations according to my hair needs at the moment. They include; my deep conditioning protein treatment which I introduced you all to in my 'How to Relax Naija Hair Post', consisting of eggs, mayonnaise, conditioner and oils, because of the eggs, I do this on Saturday mornings instead of Friday nights but sometimes I leave the eggs out, resulting in a plain deep conditioning treatment of just oils and conditioner. Most times I do this treatment, my hair is in dire need of moisture and softening so I apply it on Friday night and stay overnight and wash out on Saturday.

Other variations to the deep conditioning protein treatment is the addition of honey or molasses (you know what these do from my last post). I also do a hot oil treatment especially when my scalp is itching which entails heating up some essential oils in the microwave for few minutes and sectioning your hair and applying it from your scalp to the tips of your hair, then wrapping your hair with a warm towel or wearing a shower cap and chilling under a hooded dryer.

 Well, this Saturday I choose to do an Avocado Hair Mask treatment. I started off by scooping the avocado from its skin and mashing it( below)
This Avocado cost N150

(Have a special bowl and utensils for these concoctions!lol!) Next, I added conditioner and oils,
Finally, I divided my hair into two sections and applied the mixture line by line, root to tip to my hair
I covered my hair with a shopping bag and then a shower cap and waited around for about an hour and a half and then washed my hair out. Quick Tip; You know when your is ready to be washed out when it starts to sweat out and the treatment starts dripping out of your cap!! 

Also please wash out the avocado bits thoroughly with WATER!!leave the shampoo out of this!! You see, after these treatments you do not have to treat your hair like you have just done a relaxer and you want to make sure you wash all the relaxer out! You do not have to wash your hair 5times! if you do, you have just defeated the purpose of the treatment. Sometimes especially when I just do a conditioning treatment, I do not even wash my hair with shampoo, that is what is called a CO-WASH. Just rinse the conditioner off or finish up with one of the rinses I told you guys about in my last post and you are good to go!

You see, when your hair is freshly relaxed, easy to comb and manage you might not value these treatments at all but when your new growth starts to surface and you are seeing strands upon strands of hair fall out, you must respond with any of these treatments because they leave your hair soft, manageable, reduce breakage, promote shine and give your hair strength. On the other hand, If you choose to ignore your hair and wait for two weeks to give it attention, your hair will respond accordingly.

 If you have not suffered breakage from not doing these treatments, well that's fine but just imagine how well your hair will respond and grow if you started these weekend treatments! Your hair results could double!!
Give them a try and enjoy yourself while doing them, look at it as all part of the weekend luxuriation! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. God your hair they chop better food
    will def try it out..

  2. lol!!that's funny!ur welcome!!:)

  3. just got introduced to ur inspired! could u shed light on hw to take care of hair pre,during and post braids

  4. I check your blog every now and then and I must say, you've got some good stuff. Someone advised me to start washing my hair regularly and together with your article, I think i'll take it seriously.well, this same person said I should condition with a cocktail of alcohol and EVOO. My qualms with this is that my knowledge of chemistry tells me alcohol dehydrates. What do you think about this.

  5. Thanks ladies!!@ ewarberry - I will work on a post focusing on braids very soon so stay tuned!
    @Belle, your incline is on point!!ALCOHOL will dry out your hair like never before, I recommend you stay far away from any product with alcohol- check my 10things to stop a receding hair line post talk less of applying actual alcohol to your hair!!Im sure this post as well as my 'open your refrigerator post has many options for conditioning your hair, try them out!!

  6. thanks dabs. noted how long to deep condition for. lol! this hair is in big trouble wahlai! holla once ur fb page is up, so i can show u my hair. xoxo

  7. alcohol is a terror on hair!i once did this "packing gel" style on my then-already-ailing hair after much bad weaves n dye jobs,the spritz gel;full of alcohol;was sooo damaging that when i was washing the hair out after 2 weeks with the style,my hair was pulling out in lumps!!! the breakage was soo pathetic that i had to cut my hair in half of its length to regain body...n that was the best decision made to date! :=D

  8. i am in love with your blog, cos i am really crazy about long hair.i don't weave my hair cos i cant stand the tugging and pulling that is involved. guess what, i have on right now as i type this, your avocado mask recipe. i blended the avocado and that made it creamy before adding the conditioner and hair oil. i am expecting great results.thanks for your concern and keep up the good work.

  9. Weekend regime!! Knt wait to try it out!! So glad I've found the right way to take care of my hair.. All tenks goes 2u Dabs!

  10. Hi Dabs, I've read so much and I'm still reading and printing n writing out enough already. Thanks for sharing all these, God bless u real good. I watched a recap of ur programme on spice tv some days back. Pls I want to know can I also do this deep conditioning regimen for my kids?


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