Hiya Ladies!!!
Hope all is well at your ends!! It's that time of the year again- The annual Salon Day Out Event is one I look forward to every year...this year I am so excited to share the plans we have!! I finally reached out to hairlistas and got an overwhelming amount of volunteers to help out this year and that truly warmed my heart!!! Thank you to all the volunteers and to all of you who keep supporting this blog here and on Instagram!

Well to the agenda of the day, as always we will be CELEBRATING HEALTHY HAIR!! 

This means that no matter the nature of the hair- relaxed,  natural, texlaxed, long as it's healthy or your desire for it to be healthy, it's worth celebrating and you should attend!! 

We will start the day at 12 noon sharp with the HAIR JOURNEY SERIES- We have 4 speakers this year who will be sharing their hair journeys, the ups, downs, in betweens, tips and tricks on hair styling, maintenance and growth...these Hairlistas are-


Glory- @Flamellehair

Ebun- @Ebunitehair

Mercy Familusi

Aren't they all gorgeous?!!! After the Hair Journey Series, at about 2pm, we will proceed with a SEMINAR by Omozo of O'Naturals Salon- 

She will be speaking on the topic- SO YOU WANT TO OWN A NATURAL HAIR SALON? She will share her experiences, what inspired her to own a natural hair salon, the journey so far...if you have ever wanted to own a salon, don't miss this seminar as she will be willing to take questions!!


Quickly Followed by a LIVE PIXIE CUT MAKEOVER- One lucky relaxed attendant will win this hair cut makeover- 

The guys at Patrick's Beauty Zone will be showing of their amazing cutting skills and I know you don't want to miss this!! 

Kemi Lewis has something special for one lucky attendee's natural tresses!! She will be styling the hair live on stage as usual-

After that, it will be time for some healthy competition!!! This year we are having an INSTANT BATTLE OF THE HAIRLISTAS- Meaning, there will be no prior meeting of contestants, we will pick hairlistas from the audience and they will partake in a series of contests we have planned. The winner gets a nice grand prize!!

While all this is taking place, we have a great selection of vendors with their products offering amazing deals!! 
Vendors include- *Mane Choice Africa, We Naturals, Nubian Roots, Zee Eight, Kijani Organics, Kui Care,  Sahara Sunrise and so on!!

There will also be a Trichology clinic created in the corner from 4pm- 6pm where I will be taking close examinations at ladies scalps, diagnosing hair/scalp conditions and dishing out treatment advice etc like I do for my clients!! 

To be part of this clinic, send an email to with the subject TRICHOLOGY CLINIC. 

This year entry to the Salon Day Out Event is FREE!!! But registration to attend is COMPULSORY if not payment will be required at the door. You can register by following this link- HERE

I hope to see you all on Sunday, 6th August at Oriental Hotel. Please feel free to call 08090613325 or email if you have any inquiries!!


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