HAIR UPDATE- 20 WEEKS POST, Threading & Top knots

Hiya Ladies!!!

It feels like forever since I put up a hair update so I am here to do just that!! 

Ladies I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I AM 20 WEEKS post relaxer!!!!!! 

*Yes I am screaming in my head* You see this thing called the mind, it is POWERFUL!!! Something that feels so daunting and impossible can become totally attainable when you just switch the ignition in your mind and go for it!!! I used to be the girl who relaxed my hair EVERY MONTH so this is a mega feat!!! I'm just going to keep going and see where this lands me!!!

So what have I been up to...I trim my ends quite a bit because I want to maintain really thick ends...that plus my new growth have made my hair appear shorter than before and that A-OKAY with me!!

To manage my textures I have been using an array of products from the beautiful textures leave in conditioner to Shea moisture JBCO leave in also the profectiv leave in conditioner in a tub to organics...I have run through at least 6 bottles/tubs of leave ins in the past 4 months!!! If you know the products I have mentioned, you know they are not cheap! So I decided to look in wards to see if any of our made in Nigeria products could give me the results I desperately needed and also not hurt my pocket in the process...that's when I found KUI CARE!!

Their leave in conditioner which costs between N700 to N800 depending on where you buy it leaves my hair feeling super moist...this is after I use their tea tree and cinnamon hair mist which is not more than N1500 for a generous 16oz bottle and is great for soothing the scalp in between wash days. 

This is my bun at 20 weeks!!! I cannot believe how flat the base is all thanks to the Kui care hair mist and some Eco styler gel!!!

I recently read about stretching the new growth with threading to avoid less tangles and knots at the last night I gave it a go!! Made sure to pull together all the new growth I could in each section after intensely moisturizing and sealing!! 

I'm rocking the thread look for a few days to work ( Don't worry everyone at work is now used to the HAIR LADY!! lol!!!), can't wait to unravel and see how it turns out!!!

That's it for now people!! Feel free to update me about your hair in the comments section!! Hope it is good news all the way!!!!

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