My 2nd Texlax Update in 2016!!

How's everyone doing, hope well! So last weekend I texlaxed my hair! It was just 10 weeks post relaxer but you guys know I have been dealing with major post partum shedding and at the rate I have been going if I left my hair with more new Growth I'd be dealing with major thinned out ends and that horrible inverted V trying to rare it's ugly self back up so I made the decision to texlax.

I used for the first time after hearing soooo many great reviews, Creme of nature's Back to Eden 100% plant derived straightening Creme. 

Unlike most no lye relaxers where you mix the activator into the Creme, this relaxer had an additional step of mixing in a Creme booster, so that's three things mixed;

It took a total of 20 mins for me to apply the relaxer to all of my thick tangled new growth! I barely got the chance to massage it before running to wash it off. One thing I noticed about the relaxer is that it has to be the most gentle relaxer I've ever used on my scalp! I usually don't burn easily but I start to. Itch around my ears and nape just before I wash the relaxer off no matter the brand but with this treatment, I felt nothing!! 

Once I washed the treatment off I went into panic mode guys! My hair felt too straight! I started hoping I just didn't relax my hair bone straight!! I was filled with regret! 

I bought the relaxer grade A which is for fine, wavy or delicate hair so why was it looking over processed!! In fact I contemplated getting another grade because I felt my hair which is neither fine or wavy or even delicate will be under processed when I was thanking God I didn't!!

Well all my fears were gone once my hair was roots were still quite thick! My hair was as dry as it always gets after a relaxer treatment,I even used their conditioner in hopes that my hair will feel softer but nope it didn't, I just had to do an intense moisture deep condition of aloe Vera gel, palm oil and other hair oils with olive oil conditioner at Savvy Chic Hair Beauty hair became soft and all was well in the world again! Lol!

Length retention wise, I did retain length but thanks to all the tangling going on with my post partum ends needed a little cleaning up which I did by trimming sections as needed....

before Trim

After Trim

My nape hair that had that inverted V has grown out but I'm still watching closely to ensure it fully thickens....that area of my hair gets all the extra love when it's time to moisturize and seal...

My edges have also thinned out due to the post partum shedding but my Jamaican castor oil is working on them and I am seeing improvement.

All in all I am quite happy with my hair and if I keep babying my ends, I'm sure I can get to line 10mid back length)neater I the year, I'm on line 7....was on line 10 in 2014 when I had that awful breakage at the back! Wish me Iuck!

So how is it going ladies? Any one texlaxed lately or is everyone leaving me and going natural?!!
I'd love to read your feed back!

In Other news, plans are on the way for 2016's SALON DAY OUT!!

If you or anyone you know is a vendor of hair/beauty products and looking to reach their target audience to sell their products, the Salon Day Out in June is the place to be!! Reach me via email- for details please!!

Thanks for stopping by!!