So as promised, I mentioned that my next post will be urging all those who signed up for the 6 inches of growth challenge to send in their before and after pictures....soooo the time has come....send them in ladies! If you don't have your before picture, just follow this link-HERE and get your picture. 

Remember the pictures should be very clear and an honest representation of your growth if not you stand a chance of being disqualified. Please also send them in preferably in a side by side collage. 

Below are Peace's before and after pictures...the difference is clear,  look at all that body!!

The winner will get $100 and the runner ups get goody bags courtesy Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub.

I won't announce voting until I have a handful of if you have for some reason dropped out of the challenge( I don't know why you would considering the fact that you don't know how other contestants fared over the year and you might still be in the running) but if you have, please send me an email informing me.

I look forward to crowning this year's 6 INCHES OF GROWTH WINNER :)

Good luck ladies and have a great week, dear followers!!



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  3. Oh my! Look at that progress! I.AM.JEALOUS.

  4. Look at all of that progress - congrats! Great giveaway items too.

    Jay of

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  6. I didn't see Blessing 's name and she is a contender

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  8. Dabs plz I sent yu my Nhcg 6 inches challenge photos through my email, I'm chidinma ... I hope yu got it.

  9. Hello Daboju and congratulations for your little one.
    my questions are many but I'll ask them one at a time. I just got to know your about your blog and hub from looking at the YouTube video on your page.
    Now my hair is long. Maybe about 18"....guessing I haven't measured. How do I get it full? I don't style it cos it doesn't have the weight I desire for the length that I have.
    when is the next 6" challenge? Imagine that addition to my hair!!!
    I Iive in Lagos so I will be visiting your hair hub when these braids come off.


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