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How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I'm trying to get my blogging groove back, I have a bunch of posts lined up that I will be uploading soon so if you checked the blog and sighed that it's not been updated and said to yourself  'What's wrong with this Dabs sef?!!'. Please bear with me, things will get lively here once again, I promise!!

Now to my post, so I have been craving getting long big box braids for a while but had been reluctant because of all the discomfort that comes with getting braids...one day I'm going through Instagram and I see a hash tag- #knotlessbraids, I click and I am lead to braids that look like they are growing from the person's scalp. I was intrigued and so the next place I hurriedly went was? You guessed it, YOUTUBE!! I saw a tutorial, tried it out on my self, went to the hub and tasked my stylists to learn it in two days, they did (smart girls :) and we now offer it as a service at our salon!!

You see when you get regular braids done, the braider usually starts out the braid by wrapping the extensions round your own hair and creating a knot before braiding the section down, see the picture below and observe the knots ( where the arrows point to)

Now from my understanding those knots at the base of the braids not only cause breakage while the
braids are being done especially for those with fragile hairlines, but they also cause your new growth to be very dry as it grows out while you have the braids on, that's why after a few weeks of having regular braids on, when you take them out, the base usually has dirt and dandruff and is very dry leading to breakage....

With the knotless technique all of that mess is avoided,  the braids start out by being sectioned and the hair is braided just a little and strands of extensions are attached to the braid as the braider goes along- Think the Ghana weaving technique but this time with single braids...

See how the base of the hair looks when you are done;


The braids can be any size or length, Below Last year's 6 INCHES OF GROWTH Winner Folake got her's done at the hub;

Here's another pic of a client who got her's done at the hub;

As you can see the braids look like every day braids but the first thing I noticed as they were being installed was the fact that there was hardly any kind of pain or strain especially at my hairline  which was very refreshing, kept these in for just over a week and when I took them out my hair at the base looked great albeit they were not in for that long but still..will check on Folake who has kept here's for a month and see how her base is faring....

But here's a picture off the internet of how the base looks like after a month;

I don't know what your thinking but I'm thinking I have found my solution to getting braids!!

Any of you tried this technique out yet? It takes practice though!!




  1. Wow!!! This couldn't have come at a better time. Just taking out my braids after *a long time*. I'm spending soo much time trying to take them out carefully cos of the knots&dirt. I think I'll try this method next time. Thanks Dabs!

  2. I think this way of installing braids looks a lot safer!

  3. Looks very nice and natural. I love how proactive you guys are at the hub.
    Naija girl next door

  4. NHCG...."saving your hair strands since 2011"

    Dabs, this technique is the truth, my edges are hailing you right now :-)

    Thank you for sharing :-)

  5. Such a great method for braiding. Thanks for sharing Dabs x

  6. I love it! Normal braids tend to pull out of my hair but I'm guessing these won't.

  7. This is amazing Dabs. I've been thinking of installing braids too but since I started my hair journey I've been scared of loosing hair at my edges again. Thanks for sharing. I'm so introducing this to my clients.

  8. Thanks Dabs. This is really a solution to my braids crisis. Can you please share the link to the YouTube video?

  9. Thanks Dabs. This is really a solution to my braids crisis. Can you please share the link to the YouTube video?

  10. Gosh, didn't know that was knotless braids... that's how I've been doing my braids because I didn't like the chunky knot at the beginning plus it's gentle.

  11. What's the price range to have this done at the hub?

  12. Always finding new ways to make this hair life easier, thumbs up! Looks neater and very pain free.


  13. Where or what is the hub? A salon? If yes pls where is it situated? Pardon me pls, I am a new follower and a very inquisitive one because I have tried a lot of things that have failed me. My hair is still damaged badly and I have lost all my front and side hairline growth. Hence my extra inquistivity. Lol.

  14. After suffering a brain injury in November 2015 I needed to have a hairstyle that would allow my head time to heal, while keeping my hair safe from damage. Ive had box braids before and wanted them again but I knew they were too heavy. I found out about knotless braids and my braider installed them and I WAS IN LOVE!! Not only did I not feel them (weightless and they were waist length), you could not tell they were not coming out of my scalp. They look sooo natural! I kept them in 2 months!! And my hair grew so lovely, as I was able to oil and moisturize my scalp daily so my hair was super healthy when I took them out. I took them out end of April and I'm getting them installed again next week. And during this in-between time I just kept my hair healthy and deep conditioned and moisturized. Prep your hair well before going in and of course you need a great braider and I am so fortunate to have found mine. Wish I had discovered these years ago!


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