How's everyone doing? Hope well, been a busy past week for your home girl but I still found time to deal with my new growth and get a touch up!!

I texlaxed at 11 and a half weeks after I started noticing unnecessary shedding, I used Creme of Nature Argan oil relaxer for the first time ever because I was out of stock of my darling Silk Elements relaxer...

I proceeded to section my hair as usual and coated the mid/shaft to ends with water/glycerin spritz and oils, then touched up my new growth, stuck with the half/half method from my last update...I also added grape seed oil to my relaxer to slow down the processing they say (seems to work)-

After I was done, I decided to do a henna mask treatment (Extra strength);

Allowed my hair to air dry and I was very happy with the results, my ends have also made a nice come back, thicker and very textured just the way I like it-

Close up of my ends

I did all this at the hub...but when I got home, I started craving straighter hair to get a better understanding of what my length is and so I could get a trim, so I straightened my hair with just 1 PASS- I promise :)

My ends now pass line 5!!

Soooo I retained an entire inch and some change!! My ends were on no 4 as at the last time I texlaxed by the time I was done trimming-

FEB 2015

My nape hair that has been quite famous with that pic of my hair all broken off making rounds on instagram has fully recovered;

looking good!.
P.S That pic taught me a valuable lesson of water marking my pictures but stillll I am lazy about getting the app but shout out to all those that tagged me and went 'That's Dabs hair!', Well Dab's hair is back people, please post these pics :) LOL!!

Finally I trimmed my ends, for some areas it was like a 1 inch cut (no more scraggly ends);

 Pin curled my hair to give it some volume, flat irons just make everything so flat! 

And the next day for work, I let the curls down and was left with nice shinny, bouncy hair (wish I could have good hair days like this everyday)

And that's all people!!! Want to hear the FULL STORY about how I have overcome sooo many set backs in my hair journey??? Then come for the Salon Day Out on the 7th of June, its a Sunday and we will be at Oriental Hotel....Its going to be serious fun learning....I have a FAQ vid coming up next on all the questions I've been asked about this year's salon day out, so watch it when I post it, spread the word and be blessed!! LOL



  1. So gorgeous Dabs. Your ends look awesome. Love how you styled your hair with pin curls x

    1. Thanks Les, pin curls will look lovely on you!!

  2. Your ends are back! :-) Very lovely.

  3. Dabs!!! Your hair is GORGEOUS!!! I need to be serious with mine o. Chai

  4. Lovely Dabs. So glad your nape is back. Gives me encouragement cos I've had nape breakage as well. Love the curls too.

  5. Lovely Dabs. So glad your nape is back. Gives me encouragement cos I've had nape breakage as well. Love the curls too.

    1. Thanks Faith...your's will recover just be consistent with caring for it :)

  6. Sweet victory! Your nape has overcome.
    Your hair looks so lush. Congrats

  7. Your hair looks so good! Love the progress

  8. Awww...your hair looks nicer than ever! I hope to achieve such thick ends when a do a big trim at the beginning of next year. Congrats dear!

  9. Goodness....I am so jealous. Please can I have your email? Have tons of complaints bout my hair. Thank you.

  10. Your hair looks good, nice results too on your hair.I'm texlaxing my hair, am not fully texlax at the moment but bit by bit am cutting off some ends.
    Please check out my blog, am new at this called :

  11. Hi,

    You hair looks gorgeous and you too. Thanks alot for taking time and sharing such valuable tips on this blog


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