How's everyone doing? Please if you are one of the ladies that entered the 6 inches of growth challenge at the start of the year, please start sending in your pictures by Dec. 1st

A winner will be announced at the PH Hair Rehabs with Dabs event on Sunday the 28th of Dec. The winner's before and after picture will enlarged and serve as inspiration to all the hairlistas present, the winner will also be called live and congratulated so please send a phone number to reach you by if you entered, you don't have to be resident in Nigeria...we will call you wherever you are if you are a winner, 2 other runner ups will be announced that day too, their pictures will be put up and they will be called and congratulated, as announced before, the winner gets $100 cash prize and a goody bag, the other two get goody bags filled with yummy hair who is pumped!!! Again send me the entries from the 1st of Dec!! Thankssss

Now to my topic. You ladies know I love a good concoction, but there is nothing as unnecessary as a concoction without a purpose!! Some dear ladies just starting out email with mails like this,  'Dabs I do those your treats oh, I mix eggs, mayonnaise, henna, honey, ACV, tea, clay, all together and just put on my hair, yet it STILL BREAKS!*arghhhhh*sobbbingggggg*Dab's come and be my hair savior, save me from this mess I am in*wailingggg*'. Lol! While I do sympathize with them, I also tell them that they are passing through the desperately finding a quick fix for your hair phase.  It's a phase every hairlista must pass through...

When I passed through that phase, everything and I mean EVERYTHING I heard that was a remedy for hair growth I was willing to try without finding out the reason why it was a remedy in the first place! Now I know better and while I am willing to try most things, I always take my time to put them in their appropriate class and for hair treatments these classes are; protein or conditioning/moisture. 

This week I will share with you simple protein treatments that can be done and instantly your hair will feel stronger, this will be especially helpful to ladies who want straight to the point treats, no experimentation and also new hairlistas...They consist of one main protein component, a lighter moisture component to keep the balance and prevent protein overload and oils to seal in the treatment.

Protein treatment 1- An Egg + Conditioner(without hydrolized protein or keratin) + oils- ceramide or protein free oils (olive, castor, sweet almond etc)- This treatment is quite simple, the egg provides all the protein and lecithin which both help to strengthen and moisturize the hair, the yolk should be the main component used from the egg on your hair because it acts as a serum, helping the hair to reflect light for an appearance of shiny hair.  Make sure to rinse the hair with cold to luke warm water to avoid the egg yolks cooking in your hair!!

Protein treatment two- Yoghurt + Aloe Vera juice/gel + oils-Yoghurt is packed with protein, it  also contains lactic acid; an alpha hydroxy acid which strips the outer layer of the hairs’ keratin, helping to improve absorption of other nutritious products like the Aloe vera gel/juice which is a great hair conditioner and the oils which will help lock the nutrients in.

Protein treatment 3- Coconut milk + Conditioner + oil- Coconuts are packed with vitamins like vitamin E, Vitamins B and C, they also have healthy fats and have the ability to be absorbed by the hair strands building the strands from within, mix it with a protein free conditioner and some oils for a good strengthening hair treatment.

Protein treatment 4- Mayonnaise + Honey + Oils- Mayonnaise is pretty much eggs and vegetable oil so its a great alternative to using actual eggs if you dread the idea of an egg on your hair, mixing it with Honey will give it the moisture balance and the oils will seal everything in.

Protein treatment 5- Gelatin + A Banana +Henna+ Oils-Gelatin is a form of hydrolized protein which tend to be absorbed by the hair strands quicker and better, mix it up with a banana, banana's are packed with nutrients like potassuim, vitamins E, B and C. Henna powder is also a form of protein that can be used on its own or combined in this way, great for filling missing hair shaft gaps and strengthening strands, add the oils to once again seal the treatment in.

Once you have applied any of the treatments, cover your head with a steam cap and go under a steamer or rely on your body heat for about an hour plus then either rinse out or wash out once with a sulphate free shampoo preferably.

Finally, if you don't like to concoct at all, I like how they grouped different protein conditioners in this article into, light protein treatments, reconstructors, deep penetrating protein and protein packs: Check on it and see where your conditioner falls under.

That's all for now ladies, will be updating you on the goodies I got from the recently concluded Naturals In the City Meet up in my next post...



  1. Great post Dabs! I never thought of using gelatine before. I love using henna x

  2. Dabs, the mayonnaise.... is it the one used for the salads... thanks

  3. Thanks Dabs. My questions how do you reverse protein overload. thank you

    1. You stop protein treatment for a while and do moisturizing treatment more. Hope that helps....

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  5. Sup, pls I cut my hair so I can grow out my natural hair, any advise?

  6. I have heard you can get a hair transplant, where a surgeon takes hair grafts from the back or sides of your head and sticks them to the crown.

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